10 Ways To Spend The Holidays In The City

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Holidays in the city don’t seem to be the best way of spending your spring vacation, or even a free week-end. Many people can’t wait to get out of the town and visit new places or search for peace and quiet somewhere far, doing entertaining activities and getting a so much needed rest. Still, not many of us can actually leave the city, due to numerous issues, but they still want to relax, have fun, do something different or spend quality time with their friends and family during the spring break. So if you didn’t plan already a trip to somewhere outside the suffocating city, let’s see what you can do fun and relaxing within the borders of your own town.

1. Go to a picnic

Find a park that allows and encourages picnic , take your friends and a basket full of goodies and spend a day out in the sun, having fun, playing, reading, talking and enjoying the weather and the good company. If you have kids, they will love it and you will feel the benefits in no time. Who says that staying in the city means staying in the house?


2. Find a hobby

Or even better, take advantage of the spring break to dedicate yourself more to the hobbies you usually have. Learn how to ride a bicycle, take an art’s class, play an instrument, learn how to make your own jewelry. The city offers you a lot of possibilities and if you are the active type of person who likes to do all sort of things, this spring is the time to renew yourself along with nature and start doing all the things you wanted, but you didn’t have the time or the mood for.


3. Play

What’s that again? Playing is not only for the children, you know? Take your friends to a paintball court and have fun together. And that’s not all of it. Squash, pool, tennis, basketball, you name it. Play and have fun, organize tournaments, get in shape and let the games begin!


4. Get cultural

Wanted to see a play, go to a concert, see and exhibition? Well now is the time to do all the fun things you wanted but didn’t have time for them. The city is a place where many things happen and you could even try new experiences, like dining in a new restaurant or check out some museums you haven’t visited in a while. Be a tourist in your own city, this will give you a new perspective.


5. Spring cleaning

No no no, it’s not about vacuuming the carpets or washing the windows. Let’s talk about a garage sale. Or an apartment sale if you don’t have your own garage. Sort the things you don’t need anymore and call in your friends to give you a hand. Who knows what treasures they can find among your stuff? It’s an entertaining activity, you clean your closets and your friends may leave home with something they like or need. Win – win all the way.


6. Barbeque party

If you are lucky enough to own a house with a yard and a garden and your neighbors don’t mind a little smoke and a little noise, organize a barbeque party. Or more. Enjoy the spring, the fun and the moments together with your family and friends. Kids love these kind of activities and you can catch up on the news with your close ones.


7. Treat yourself

Having to spend the spring break in the city? Take it the good way. With everybody left out of town, you will find free spots to the gym, spas, health centers, massage parlors and so on. Make a schedule and keep it. Having fun and relaxing for a while doesn’t always mean get drunk by the pool in the Hamptons. Sometimes it may mean a good work-out, a sauna session, some massage and some good sleep. Comfort is something we all thrive for, so if you don’t get to hike the mountains, at least you can eliminate some stress.


8. Organize a movie marathon

Yes, there are a lot of movies you didn’t get the time to see or a lot of movies you wouldn’t watch naturally. So wither way, gather your family and friends and catch up on the blockbusters you missed or make a marathon of old classic movies, or horror movies or films none of you would watch, but you like a new challenge. It’s fun, entertaining and new, but you’ll love the experience of trying something you didn’t do before. Who knows, maybe you will find some obscure piece of jewelry among the non-watchable movies or you’ll have a ton of laughs. Either way, it should be fun.


9. Read

How many books did you get to read so far? If you miss this activity, just take your time and recover what you delayed in terms of literature, because it’s a pity to fall back. Read the books you wanted but didn’t have time or try something completely new and unheard of, you might be pleasantly surprised. Don’t lock yourself in the house for that, either. Get the book out in the park and read under a tree. It’s an experience you have to live at least once in your life time.


10. Volunteer

It’s a shame to spend the spring break doing nothing. Or doing all the things you like but still feel it’s not enough. Maybe it’s time to focus your attention to others’ needs too. Volunteer for an ecological cause, or an educational one, give people a hand with something, participate to your communities plan of solving problems. Beside contributing to something bigger than you, this experience will improve your social skills, your perspective on life, you make new friends and you find some activities that actually give you great satisfaction.


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    You may find it hard to stay motivated to exercise, eat properly, sleep well and work hard. However, it is often essential to be productive during those months in order to afford and enjoy holiday plans, I like what you’ve written about giving yourself a treat, nice one, thanks for sharing

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