celebrity wearing denim jacket

There are countless reasons why the denim jacket enjoys an unrivaled popularity on the fashion scene. Without ever leaving the trends, nor obsessively invading our retina in the shows on the catwalks, the denim jacket does not need any more confirmation. It is a piece that fully deserves a place in our wardrobe, which we can easily accessorize and provides comfort in any situation.

Not even celebrities ever part from it so you can inspire yourself from their style. Here are ten ways to wear a simple denim jacket.

1. With a flared skirt

It is the perfect example of a fresh and youthful outfit which brings together a short cropped denim jacket and flared mini skirt, a mandatory combination for an urban look. Wear it with any type of boots.

2. With maxi skirts

A summer combination par excellence, the denim jacket fits perfectly with a maxi skirt for a simple, flawless and fluid look. With a simple top, colored or in neutral shades, and a pair of platforms, you will have the ideal outfit for a casual day.

3. With midi skirts

Reinventing the concept of office clothing favors the idea of combining tapered skirts up to the knees and a denim jacket. How about a combination that comes out from everyday rules? An opulent midi skirt and a printed jacket are just what you need for an eccentric look. Accessorize with a pair of heels and you are ready for the world. In style.

4. With printed pants

They have been occupying a place on the list of must-have trends since the previous season. Printed pants acquire a casual factor when matched with a simple denim jacket. A message shirt and a pair of sneakers or heels make it a flawless ensemble every time.

5. With shorts

When it comes to choosing a casual, summery attire, shorts and a denim jacket seem to be the perfect choice. Whether you opt for denim shorts, casual lace or common fabrics, the result will please you to the fullest.

6. With pastel outfits

The colorblocking experiment is worth trying in pastel shades. Blue Ccel and purple lavender, yellow and nude salmon, all these shades are a depiction of complementarity with pastel outfits.

7. With floral outfit

Floral patterns are not just perfect for summer, but for every season, especially when paired with a denim jacket. With the bohemian boho influences, reminiscent of flower power, the combination of the flower prints and denim pieces evoke the ’70s, a decade with the most relaxed summer style ever.

8. With white dresses

A pair that proves an ally throughout the entire summer wardrobe, white dresses and denim jackets make seasonal clothes into a relaxed, clean, comfortable and fresh style statement. The dresses can be made of veil, lace, crochet or cotton. Both casual textures and precious ones compliment this jacket model.

9. With some more denim

Double denim is a key feature of the ‘80s. Wear denim jacket with jeans in different shades. It is a trendy outfit, easy and especially customized according to your identity.

10. With maxi dresses

A daytime look that can undergo a smooth transition to an evening dress, depending on the fabric and cut, the maxi dress is a look gain your appreciation. Choose a casual dress, fluid, that shows a subtle silhouette and combine it with a denim jacket. Depending on your preference, you can accessorize your boho style with a fringe bag and a floral headband.

Along with the little black dress and the red stilettos, the denim jacket is one of those must have clothing items that should always find a place in your closet. It will never go out of style and you have so many options to wear it. The good thing about denim jackets is that they still look good, even if you wear them for some year, even if the fabric gets used a little bit. However, make sure you always have a fresh denim jacket in your closet, because the worn out one becomes limited in terms of accessorizing.