The list of 10 weird inventions was not easy to establish, because of the immense number of possibilities.  Gadgets may not be primary in our lives but they surely help! Every year, clever guys come up with new ideas to make our life a little bit better.  Some are funny, others seem crazy; many are somehow useless.  Trying to come up with something original is not easy, nowadays when about everything was already invented. Therefore, we must appreciate the work and imagination of these people, who must have worked hard to bring us these concepts. From a world full of ideas, I picked up some cool inventions to showcase in this article, as an attempt of making your day better.

1. Pizza Scissors/Spatula

pizza scissors

This is a weird looking device and the idea of using a pair of scissors to cut pizza in slices might seem strange. But the truth is that this instrument is really useful! This is one of the inventions worth mentioning, since it is already on the market, selling for 20 $.

2. A Special Carpet


This is one of those weird inventions which were not necessarily needed, but are funny to have. So, if you cannot afford a carpet and a couch, worry no more! Here is the solution to your problem….

3. Futuristic toaster

transparent toaster

This futuristic toasters is one of the best, though weird, inventions in this top. Why? Just because it looks really cool. And it was about time kitchen stepped into the future! However, there are 2 things I wonder: firstly, how is one supposed to take the slice out of there? I sure hope they thought about it! Secondly, does the device come with a two slices option as well?

4. Macbook…book skin


This is one cool laptop skin! The need for such a product is questionable, but the look of it is great. So I hope that the laptop-in-the-book gadget stay around until I can buy one! It’s one of those inventions which make a fuss among friends.

5. Egg Cutters

egg cutters

The list of weird inventions goes on with these ‘egg cutters’ we never knew we needed. Starting from today, however, we may find it impossible to eat our morning eggs if they are not shaped as a flower! And for those of you who are not particularly fond on flowers, no worries…these things come in a heart shape as well.

6. Transparent Keyboard Case

keyboard case

This is one of the weirdest inventions I have ever seen, and thus, I have a hard time naming it. Its purpose is obvious though. This is for the computer junkies who may now safely enjoy their breakfast in front of the monitor.

7. Bathroom Entertainment

paper roll dock

This iPod bathroom dock is actually called iCarta iPod toiled roll and was manufactured by Apple. Although among the weirdest inventions out there, one cannot deny that it is really helpful. Now you can safely listen to your favorite tunes while taking a relaxing bath for only 59.90 $.

8. The teapot frame

teapot frame

This teapot frame is a very elegant, good-looking creaion of Betina Piquers was designed so as to insure perfect pouring every single time. If you are a tea lover, this is a great way to impress your guests. It has a very classy design and it will insure you will not get burned by the hot tea.

9. The babykeeper


This babykeeper is particularly useful when going to a public bathroom. Tough it seems silly, you will urgently ask for one if you need the toilet and you have no place to put the baby on. This invention is patent pending and will allow you to hang your baby by the door safely. If this isn’t too weird for you, the price for such an item is of 93 $.

10.  Bedtime reading quilt

This is one of the coolest inventions ever! Not only it is awesome looking but it is also useful, especially for those of you who use to wake up with books on their faces. This cozy quilt contains some popular bedtime stories, spread on several layers.

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