Health Benefits of Honey 7

Without the bee, humans would not exist. It may seem an extreme statement, but it is completely true. Without the bees, the trees and flowers would cease to exist and then we would. The bees are having a really rough time right now and it is up to us to help them survive. They’ve helped us for thousands of years, giving us honey, royal jelly, wax and other goodies and now it the time for us to help them. Save the bees by buying organic and supporting your local beekeepers! Today, we will praise these little creatures by taking take yet another look at the wonderful health benefits of honey.

10. Calms CoughsHealth Benefits of Honey 10

You don’t need studies (even though they are plenty) to tell you that honey can soothe coughs. The best type of honey for soothing coughs is buckwheat honey, taken 30 minutes before going to bed. You can also make a mixture of honey and warm water and drink it before going to bed. This works best if what you’re having is a simple cold, and not something more serious.

9. Honey Has Plenty of NutrientsHealth Benefits of Honey 9

If you think there’s just fructose and glucose, you’re wrong. It’s also got a wide array of vitamins and minerals (granted in small quantities), among which: calcium, iron, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, manganese, pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. It’s a nutritious and complex food that should be in every pantry in the world.

8. Honey Boosts MemoryHealth Benefits of Honey 8

Eating pure, raw and unfiltered honey will help your memory improve. There are a few studies who support that claim, so if you want to remember things, start consuming honey. The great thing about honey is that it won’t do you any harm, so you can eat as much as you want, whenever you want it. But, when using it in teas, such as green tea, make sure the water isn’t hot, as it will kill all the beneficial bacteria and nutrients.

7. Honey Treats WoundsHealth Benefits of Honey 7

Another benefit of honey is that it helps treat wounds. You can use whatever honey you like: Manuka, alfalfa, clover, Tupelo, it will do the trick of killing bacteria in wounds. So, if you’re squeamish of using powders or liquids that sting your boo boos, then we suggest you just dab a little honey on and use a patch to keep dust from entering the wound. Change the bandage every 24 hours and only use the eco and natural honey, because the one in stores can have additives.

6. Honey Encourages Weight LossHealth Benefits of Honey 6

Apparently, the combo of cinnamon and honey helps with losing weight. You need to make a mixture of one cup water, one teaspoon of honey and a half of teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Consume one half of the mixture one hour before breakfast and the other half an hour before going to sleep at night. In a couple of weeks you should be noticing a difference on the scales. Just so you know, together, cinnamon and honey mix isn’t a miracle product, it will help you with the weight loss, but you should pair it up with diet and exercise. Apple cider vinegar and honey will also help decrease your appetite and promote weight loss.

5. Honey Prevents Low White Blood Cell CountHealth Benefits of Honey 5

A research performed by the Mayo Clinic has revealed that honey is a good way of preventing low white blood cell count that is caused by harsh chemical treatments, such as chemotherapy. The small trial involved cancer patients taking two tablespoons of honey every day during their chemotherapy treatment. 40% of them did not have any episodes of neutropenia (which is the clinical term for the low white blood cell count condition).

4. Honey Can Relieve Seasonal AllergiesHealth Benefits of Honey 4

Because honey is made from pollen, it is believed that is can help cure or manage pollen allergies. It acts as a way of getting your system used to small quantities of the allergen. This is not to say that people who are allergic to pollen are also allergic to honey, no. Honey also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which will sooth your scratchy throat and even watery eyes.

3. Helps Kill Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaHealth Benefits of Honey 3

Some clinical studies have shown that honey helps kill food-borne illness pathogens such as salmonella and E. Coli. Honey also helps fight some other antibiotic-resistant bacteria that is known to wreak havoc on the human bodies, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These two are very common in hospitals, so if you work in that environment, you should better consume honey.

2. Honey Helps Metabolize AlcoholHealth Benefits of Honey 2

It was revealed that honey will help your body metabolize alcohol. So, if you like your drinkies in the evening, make sure that in the morning you put some honey in your system. Some other studies have showed that honey will also help reduce alcohol blood levels if taken regularly. To benefit from the healing powers of honey, make sure you only use raw honey.

1. Honey Soothes Your ScalpHealth Benefits of Honey 1

One of the best health benefits of honey is its power to help soothe your scalp and get rid of dandruff. These days, lots of people are complaining of scratchy scalps and dandruff, but all that could be a thing of the past if you treat your scalp with a mixture of honey and a bit of warm water. Honey will kill the bacteria that makes your scalp itch and it will also soften your skin and hydrate it.

If you’re using it for weight loss, you need to know that one tablespoon of honey has around 65 calories, so take it into account when using it for your teas or eating it for breakfast. Another very important thing you need to know is that honey is not appropriate for children younger than one year. In rare cases, honey can contain bacteria that can cause infant botulism. These bacteria is absolutely harmless for older children and adults.