Here are the worst makeup mistakes that women commit when they are trying to apply their makeup. First, a major unwritten error is being fearful about your decisions. Self-assurance in your appearance has always been on the top of all elegance tendencies created out there. So, if you allow yourself to be worried of what others think about your look, then you will not become daring to try to apply new techniques and products.

You should pay interest to beneficial critiques when they are given, but keep in mind that the final choice is up to you. o matter how many advices you receive from friends or professionals, you on and only you know which look is the best for you and suits your personality.

10. Putting Matte Lipstick the Wrong Way

Blending Your Makeup (Copy)

There is something that is just wrong about putting your matte lipstick before moisturizing the lips first. This looks unattractive, so do not do it. Because matte lipsticks have most of the important natural oils that help hydrate the lips removed to be able to provide it that unique matte appearance, you have to compensate for it.

Apply the moisturizing lip cream first. Then contour your mouth with a shade that suits your matte lipstick. And finally, apply your matte lipstick. By proceeding this way, you do not compromise the matte look that you want from your lipstick, but you also do not harm your skin while you are at it.

Do you want to apply matte lipstick on your chapped lips? Well, you do not have to do it. Actually, you get rid of your lipstick and put some balm and a mild gloss over it.

9. Not Blotting Your Lipstick

Blotting (Copy)

Bright lipstick can always be a woman’s best friend! But it can also become our most severe headache and makeup error. If you do not bother to blot the middle of your lip, either by massaging off the unwanted excess with your hand, or carefully biting a piece of tissue, then you risk having the extra lipstick on your teeth whenever you smile too much or make an effort to eat a large piece of food. Remember to always get rid of the unwanted lipstick.

8. Misuse of Shiny Colors

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Bright colors are awesome for summertime and springtime (or any period of the year, to be honest), but there is a limit to wearing too much brightness. Ensure that you keep in mind that bright colors entice interest to the areas they are used, so if you have large eyes and dislike them, maybe fluorescent red is not the best way to go on your makeup.

Neutral colors are simpler to work with. Shiny colors are better used when they are included as a featured part to an already fairly neutral scheme of colors. An excellent example is applying an eye lining or mascara on a neutral eye shadow like brown, bronze, tan or other wooden colors.

7. Not Styling Your Eyelashes

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Plenty of individuals think this is not a necessary task. And it is not essential, since nothing is truly important. But if you really want to apply mascara for the objective and way it was designed to, then look for an eyelash roller to curl your lashes. It will make your eyes seem larger and make your appearance look more youthful.

6. Blotchy Cosmetics on Your Bare Face

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One of the other reasons why your makeup can appear blotchy is due to the fact that our skin contains a lot of sebum, whether you have greasy epidermis or not. If you put blush without putting first a foundation or even setting a powdered based beneath it, do not expect your makeup to last for more than just a couple of hours. Natural oils in your tissues will make the makeup seem blotchy because putting any type of fluid (normal body natural oils you generate also matter) to makeup, creates a deeper and more accentuated look (this is why dark fluid lining is deeper than common pen eyeliner).

But, if you have a powdered base or foundation beneath, the natural oils will dip in that powdered layer first, and you will remain with that unique brilliant shade.


5. Smoking

Smoking (Copy)

For those of you who want to be able to use matte lipstick, it is better not to smoke. Smoking dries out all epidermis tissues quicker than excessive coffee, the weather, the sun or anything else. It constricts veins and deprives the skin of fresh oxygen.

So, there are not many things that makeup can hide. Cosmetics always look better when they are used on a proper and balanced skin, but if you are attempting to cover up your beauty errors with makeup, you cannot expect to very go far without emptying half of your foundation container, multiple layers of creams and powders. Over use of makeup might be an extra makeup error around here. Keep in mind less is sometimes more.

4. Not Adjusting To Your Real Age

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You cannot use the same makeup you used when you were 15, at 50. That is all here to know. Not only will your epidermis need different techniques of applying the makeup and different routines for it, but also, that is a distinction represented by 35 years.

A lady can be wonderful at any age, but your appearance will change eventually and so should the makeup. You do not use the same clothes you used when you were 15, so why should your makeup be handled any differently?

3. Not Blending Your Makeup

Shiny Colors (Copy)

Are you curious why the colors of your makeup look rather blotchy? This is the reason why it might be like this. Just as cells are the basis and platform of life, proper blending and mixing the colors is the platform of makeup. Overall, in this consists the art of intricate makeup. When your colors are not effectively combined and blended together, you can end up looking like some “paint-by-numbers” artwork.

Make sure you combine your cover-up, base, blush, eye shadow and other powders. It is often better to buy a unique blending brush that is able to get all these operations done well, but if you do not have one, a steady hand or cosmetic sponge or cloth will get this job to the end.

Another excellent tip here is to see your makeup looks in different illumination. Many times, makeup will look even better under a natural light or a yellow-colored shade, but under the traditional fluorescent at your workplace, the colors and shapes take on a truly new look to themselves, so be sure that you look nice and tidy under various lighting.

2. Too Much Wax Gone Wrong

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Once you wax or tweeze your eyebrows, you do not want to over-pluck them. It will give individuals the wrong impression that your eyebrows are a lot thicker and hairier than they are in reality and that you have to wax them regularly. Ensure that, when you wax the eyebrows, they will remain the same length as your eyes and that their external sides go just a little bit further than the corner of your eyes.

The concept that hair can grow back even thicker is actually a myth. In reality, regularly waxing them will gradually suppress the hair from increasing its dimensions. But, there is a problem with this. If you regularly wax them in the wrong way, in the end, you will never grow those hairs back, and then they will have to be drawn with the pencil every time. Prevent that problem and wax your eyebrows in the correct way.

1. Incorrect Foundation

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The women cannot be blamed for this. There are so many options of foundation sold on the market all said to do wonderful things for your look, while in the end, very few of them are worthy of these daring claims

Most individuals have primarily yellow-colored undertones in their epidermis, not light red. And the majority of foundations available in the industry are a lighter red with beautiful nuances, so there is the main issue. When you are looking for your ideal foundation, go try for a color that goes nicely with your neck and hairline color, because these are the two main areas where foundation needs to be combined into. It is not bad to use two different colors of foundation on your face, if you have more that just one color to your skin, only make sure that you mix well in the areas where different shades meet together.

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