Silicone made wristbands have become quite popular in the early 2000 and were similar to awareness ribbons in terms of message or support for a cause. As such, they are usually called awareness bracelets so that they can be distinguished from other types of wristbands. There are several types of wristbands, including ultra-violet wristbands – which turn their color into blue or fuchsia when they’re exposed to ultra violet light, hospital wristbands – used as a safety measure to identify patients (here we find handwritten, embossed, laser printed or thermal-imaged wristbands containing names, record numbers, pictures, barcodes and so on), and event wristbands – used with music festivals and gigs. In the past few years wristbands have turned into a fashionable accessory as well, and therefore customized wristbands have also become popular among young people and teenagers. As such, we offer you a list of wristbands with a message.

10. Support Our Troops


Made of silicone, this wristband’s message is quite clear. It’s been designed to show your support for those who are fighting abroad. The wristband is coated with a camouflage pattern and debossed letters, accompanied by the popular awareness ribbon.

9. Love Song


Our next addition in the list of wristbands with a message could be an excellent gift for your better half, or even better – you can wear it yourself to show your love for that special person. The Love You Like A Love Song silicone purple wristband is made of silicone. If this doesn’t say I love you, there are probably other alternatives, but it’s still an awesome way of saying it.

8. Round And Round

This one reminds me of an old and popular pop song by the British band Dead or Alive (You Spin Me Round) which was in fact a number one hit in the UK in 1985. Make a bold statement with this black rubber silicone wristband with light-blue letters.

7. Autism


Autism is a neural development disorder that keep the patient from social interaction and communication. This horrible disease affects the processing of information in the brain, by changing how nerve cells along with synapses connect and organize; it is yet a mystery in the world of medicine how this occurs. However, most documented cases show that autism appears during infancy or childhood. Show you support with this blue wristband with debossed letters that read Autism Recovery.

6. Hope, Faith, Courage, Strenght


Here is a purple silicone awareness bracelet that reads hope, faith, courage, strength, each word separated by an awareness ribbon. Usually purple coated wristbands show their support for causes such as Lupus, domestic violence, pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s, Cystic Fibrosis, and so on.

5. Diabetes


Diabetes mellitus or commonly known as diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases. A person with diabetes has high blood sugar for several reasons: either the person’s body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the cells are not responsive to the produced insulin. There are three main types of diabetes – type 1 which is treated by injecting insulin, type 2 – when cells are unable to use the insulin properly, and the last is gestational diabetes – when a pregnant woman has high blood glucose levels during pregnancy, even if she didn’t have diabetes prior to the pregnancy.

4.Smith-Magenis Syndrome


We continue our list of wristbands with a message with yet another awareness bracelet that encompasses the Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) – a developmental disorder that affects various parts of the body. The highlight features of this disease include mild to moderate mental retardation, sleep disturbance, behavior problems and distinctive facial features – for example children with Smith-Magenis Syndrome have a broad square-shaped face, prominent lower jaws and full cheeks. It is estimated that the condition affects one in 25.000 persons.

3. Selective Mutism


Selective mutism (SM) is disorder equivalent with anxiety. The person who suffers from SM can’t speak in certain situations, or to specific people. This disorder is, in most cases, connected with shyness or social anxiety. Both children and grownups that have Selective Mutism are fully capable speaking individuals. A child with SM could be silent at school for very long periods of time, but when in the confinement of his home, he can speak rather excessively. The severe form of this disorder, known as “progressive mutism”, a person could no longer speak to anyone regardless of the situation. SM is characterized by failure to speak, interference with daily activities, and it can last for at least a month.

2. Heart Diseases


When someone mentions the word “stroke” you probably think at elderly people – parents, grandparents, and you won’t associate any heart disease with a baby or a child. However, there are documented cases strokes with children. Heart diseases are still the number one cause of deaths worldwide. Although cardiovascular diseases mostly affects older adults, there are precedents cases of early heart disorders (atherosclerosis) in early life. To prevent such cases most doctors recommend a healthy environment and lifestyle during pregnancy.

1. Customized Wristbands


I want to conclude our list of wristbands with a message on a rather happier and positive note. Besides the awareness bracelets, you can also benefit from services that offer customizable bracelets to help you with a cause, whether it’s a charity ball or a party. Such a service is offered by Top Wristbands.  Here you can choose from a wide range of wristbands, including multi-color, infilled, glow in the dark, embossed, swirl, printed, debossed or camouflaged wristbands for various events: weddings, gifts, parties, and so on and so forth.