Resident Evil, is among the most popular zombie movies, lets face it, we all love a scary and well done zombie movie. If you are into that kind of films, for sure you have seen all five of them and you are looking forward for the final part, which should come with a solution for the zombie terror.

We wont go trough all the 5 movies, but just in case you forgot, here is how it all started.

In the first movie,which most people claim to be the best out of all the Resident Evil movies, The Umbrella Corporation owns a top secret underground research facility called The Hive. The Hive is situated beneath Racoon City. After the release of the T-virus inside the research center, The Red Queen, which is the computer that controls everything, seals the place and kills everyone inside the facility, both humans and animals, to stop the spread of the T-virus on the surface. But the virus brings the humans back to life as zombies and animals as heinous violent mutants. And from this point, things get very complicated and bloody.

But if you are curious to know more interesting facts you didn’t know about this movie series, you should read the following.

# 1 Anniversary

There have been thirteen years since the release of the first Resident Evil movie just to make a quick recap, here are al the Resident Evil movies in order: The first movie has been release din 2002,  followed by Resident Evil Apocalypse in 2004,  Resident Evil Extinction in 2007, Resident Evil Afterlife in 2010, the fifth is called Resident Evil Retribution in 2012 and the final which is yet to be released, Resident Evil The Final Chapter.

# 2 The game was the inspiration

The Resident Evil game with plenty of frightening action and zombies, has been a huge hit, and this is what gave director Paul W.S. Anderson the idea to create a zombie film for the new millennium.


# 3 Resident Evil has brought love

Paul W.S. Anderson, fell in love while filming Resident Evil, with the lead star of the movies, Milla Jovovich and they got married. After which, he took out the nipple shot from the first Resident Evil movie. So if you get an older version of the film, before Anderson fell in love with Milla, in one of the shots you can see her nipple. After Anderson and Milla have gotten serious, he removed that scene from the movie, so in newer versions you wont see it anymore.

# 4 A different setting is used for every movie

Anderson likes to always have new elements in the movie, so for each Resident Evil, he has chosen a different location, a new color range, and has taken new characters from the game, so the action gets more complex.

# 5 Resident Evil fans are not only the fans of the game

The last Resident Evil movie has had a profit of $300 million globally, so if the movie was to have been watched only by gamers the amount would have been about $100 million. Just around one third of the Resident Evil fans are gamers.


# 6 For Resident Evil: Retribution Red Square from Russia has been closed down

The filming team from Resident Evil, has managed to shut down the Red Square plaza for 9 hours, and no one was allowed in there apart from the filming crew. To shoot that scene there were used 300 people and around 150 police officers.

# 7 The character Alice, has been created only for the movie and its inspiration was Alice in Wonderland.

Alice, is not present in the game, and she was the creation of Anderson helped by Lewis Carroll. The entire franchise has an Alice in Wonderland feel, which is believed to be one of the reasons that the movies have worked. Ultimate fans of the game have blamed the franchise for having brought in a character that is not in the game, and the answer they received was, that this is an extra bonus and a proof of respect.

 # 8  Resident Evil 6 has already been talked about and planned..but delayed

As the name says it, this will be the final Resident Evil movie, in which we hope to see a resolution of the end of the world situation. The filming was supposed to start in the summer of 2018, in South Africa, but it has been rescheduled for the summer of 2015, because Milla Jovovich is pregnant with her second child.

# 9  The director listens to the feedback given by the fans

Anderson has listened to the demands of fans and has always used the most popular monsters and the most famous characters. This is the main reason the lickers and the mutant dogs have appeared in the movie. Same reasons applies for the appearance of Jill, Leon, Barry and Ada, as people were insisting that these were characters that had to show up.


# 10 It’s not just the movie that has borrowed ideas from the game, but vice versa as well

The concept, the setting, these are things that the movie has borrowed from the game, but the game has also been borrowing freely from the film. Concepts like the laser corridor from the first Resident Evil, the red queen, are ideas from the movie that have been added to the game.

# 11 Resident Evil is proof that zombies can survive in the cruel desert conditions

When they have released the third Resident Evil movie (Extinction) in 2007, which has scenes filmed in the dessert, they received a lot of critics saying that it wasn’t genuine, and the fact that the action happens in the dessert was not representing right the movie. However, the Resident Evil 5 video game is happening in the burning hot environment from Africa, and there are scenes that are recreated exactly like the movie. Funny enough, that turned out to be the most successful Resident Evil game out of all.

# 12 Resident Evil in 3D gets more fear in people

The impressive quality of 3D can be used to make the film better, stated Anderson.  In Resident Evil Afterlife, the scene were Mika Nakashima is in the falling rain, in slow motion, with lots of umbrellas around, has received a lot of appreciation, as the scene can be very mesmerizing.

# 13 Raccoon City was inspired by Toronto

Toronto is the place where was filmed the last Resident Evil movie, andwas the inspiration behind the creation of Racoon City. It seems that Capcom, the Japanese creators of the Resident Evil video games, have seen in a magazine pictures of Toronto, and that was enough to put the basis of Racoon City.

# 14 The Resident Evil cast is doing the fight scenes but the wire work is done by a double

Michelle Rodriquez, who in the movie , plays one of the fans favourite, Rain Ocampo, explained that the fight scenes are very demanding as they are very elaborate but when it comes to the wire work, that is where a double interferes.

# 15  Release date for the final Resident Evil movie

The new Resident Evil movie should be released in September 2016.

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