Awesome inventions are something every single one of us appreciates and wants to try. But there are some, that are simply brilliant and others that  just make you wonder, what were those people thinking when they created that, as some might look outraging.

Lets start with awesome new inventions.

1.  If you hate walking in the rain as your hair and clothing get wet and dirty even if your are wearing an umbrella, this inventions should be a full rain proof one. An umbrella for those who want to stay away and safe from rain even when walking on the street.



2.Well, if you want to stay alert and hear every single noise like a predator of the night, this invention might do the trick for you. Here is the ear enhancer. The only problem would be its aspect, as it looks like two metal bowls are your new ears. But if you don’t mind looking like a mad scientist on the look out for alien attack, you should be fine.



3. The next invention might be awesome when you are having a cold and your nose is running, but not only. It would be advised to only use it when you are at home, otherwise all eyes will be on you, walking with a toilet paper roll on your head.



4.We all love and adore our pets and we would do pretty much anything to make them feel comfortable. The smell of a wet dog is very unpleasant and why should they get wet in rain when we don’t. A dogbrella sounds like an awesome invention idea, doesn’t it?

dog umbrella


5.Babies crawling on the floor can be a total drag, as they get all the dust on their clothes. Maybe this phrase clicked into the head of a Japanese inventor, when he created the following awesome invention for kids : a dusting baby mop.




6.Pizza, where would we be without it? Don’t even try to imagine that, as a life without pizza has no meaning. That’s why a brilliant person has come up with a pizza scissors that can cut in an instant and super easy perfect slices of pizza.



7.For those nights when loneliness strikes, this next awesome invention should have you covered and help you chase loneliness away. The rest on my shoulder pillow will give you a hand to hold.




8.But no worries, lonely men can also enjoy the comfort of this lady leg pillows.


9.We all have some information that we want to keep top secret and away from the nosiness of others. In that case, take a look at this invention, created specially for the security of your data.

pasword usb


10.If you find it difficult to put drops in your eye, the struggle is over as here are the eye drop glasses. You will never miss a drop again.



11. You don’t have a light for your cigarette, no worries, all you need is this invention and good solar light.



12. A door that can transform into a ping pong table, and then turn back into a door, that’s something boys should be happy to have in their house.



13.Waking up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, but you don’t want to turn on the lights. You just want to get into your led slippers and let them light the way to the kitchen. Just follow the led light.


14.The next awesome invention, might get you into trouble, if you are at work. A flask tie in which you can carry your beverage and still look classy.

flask tie

flask tie 2

15. Cleaning up bread crumbs will turn you into a pro, if having this awesome new invention in your house. And if you don’t have a bird maybe you should get one.


16. If you are in school and you are used to fall asleep with your face on the table, why not purchase this comfy invention, that might ease your minutes of sleep. This should be effective for everyone who is to tired and fall asleep at work.



17. The Cup Man, no, is not the name of a superhero, but the name of a small invention that will inform you when your instant noodles are ready. Attach the cup man on your noodles and it will fall dowm when they are ready.



18. You are sick of  your work mates eating your food at work? You shouldn’t worry anymore. Here you have the antitheft lunch bag. Gross you colleagues with this awesome invention.


19. How to wash your baby without water dropping on they faces or eyes, that is the question. Giving babies baths would be much more easier if having this invention: the baby shower cap.

Image Source: Just Something
Image Source: bored panda
Image Source: time-outs