Traveling all around the world and seeing the most amazing places on Earth is one of the most touching experiences that everyone has to go trough. Picking a place to visit can be sometimes difficult as there are so many great countries with so many things to see. Just in case you can’t decide, here is a small list of 18 of the most beautiful places in Earth that you have to see in this lifetime.

Dongchuan Red Land, China


Dongchuan Red Land is somehow new in the touristic attraction field and is close to Kunming. This amazing place is preferred by photographers and has been given the name of God’s palette. The red fields extend on an area of almost 50 kilometers and their uniqueness and striking beauty give its right to be among the places you must visit in this lifetime.

Dongchuan Red Land is situated at around 250 kilometers from the north east of Kunming at an altitude of 1,800/2,600 meters.

 Hobbit Village, New Zealand


Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand is a dream land for all the fans of The Lord Of The Rings as is one of the places the famous movie was filmed. Hobbiton has been built specially for the movie but after they were done shooting the movie, someone said that the village should remain intact and serve as a tourist attraction.

And what a great idea that was! The village has enlarged the tourism in New Zealand and has become one of the most visited places. Tourists get the feeling of actually living in the movie, when walking around the village. As if New Zealand wasn’t an exciting enough place to visit, now it has Hobbiton as well.

Blagaj Tekke, Bosnia & Hertzegovina


The Blagaj Tekke, known also by the name of Dervish monastery is situated in the Blagaj village, the place from where springs the Buna river. This place dates for hundred of years and it was built during the 1500s and its architecture includes Ottoman and Mediterranean elements. Blagaj is not far from the tourist attraction Mostar, and people who want to visit can get there by car of by bus.

Golden Bay Beach, New Zealand


Golden Bay from New Zealand looks like it’s a place from another planet. This kind of beauty cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.Is a place with all that you can imagine, from steep mountains to valleys and golden beaches. Golden Bay used to be a place where whales and dolphins would come to rest when they were migrating.

 Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg tourism destinations

Glass Beach is a beach located in California, close to Fort Bragg. The beach is famous for its beach field with sea glass, which is the effect of garbage dumping into the coastline zone.

The beach attracts every year thousands of tourists during the summer. Of course that no one can leave without a souvenir from the beach, meaning a glass, which is one of the causes the glass has started to diminish in number, the other cause are natural factors.

 Unbelievable Infinity Pool at Ubud, Bali


This incredible infinity pool is suspended over the jungle and its wall is made out of solidified volcano ashes. The pool looks like its floating above nature and swimmers have the impression they are swimming above the vegetation. This pool is among the most loved by photographers around the world.

 Levanzo, Sicily


Levanzo belongs to the Egadi Islands and is the smallest  out of all. This place can feel like an experience of traveling back in time, where you don’t see many vehicles and the local foods are based on what nature has to offer.Levanza has a population of only 220 people. The peace and tranquility this place offers is beyond imagination.

 Flam Valley, Norway


The main attraction in Flam Valley,apart from its breath taking beauty is the Flamsbana, which is a train railway that allows tourists to see the most beautiful sights of the Norwegian fjord. Flamsbana is among the steepest railroads in the world. The train journey takes an hour and the places you can see may seem out of this world. Passing trough 20 tunnels of steep mountains and amazing waterfalls, the train takes you at 863 meters above the ocean.

Cinque Terre, Italy


Cinque Terre is situated on the Italian Riviera coastline more precisely in the region of Linguaria in the western part of La Spezia.The translation for Cinque Terre is Five Islands which contain five villages: Vernazza, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare and Riomaggiore. All five villages and their surroundings  are under UNESCO protection.

As time passed by, people have built terraces on the steep cliffs which offer a perfect sight of the sea.What is charming about this place is the fact that it has no signs of industrialization.

 Torres del Paine, Chile


This place is a heaven for hikers, as the Torres del Paine National Park has stunning views of lakes forests and glaciers. No matter where you choose to stay, at a hotel or in a campsite, you will never forget this pace.

 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

plitvice lake(1)

The Plitvice Lakes from Croatia are protected by UNESCO since 1979. The lakes are situated at around half the distance between Zagreb and Zadar and is a place that everybody has to see in this lifetime.

There are sixteen lakes that are connected trough waterfalls, surrounded by rich forests with a vast fauna. The Plitvice Lakes National Park covers an area of 300 square kilometers and the lakes cover a surface of eight kilometers.

 Rock Carved  tombs in Myra, Turkey

Myra, rock-cut tombs.

The ancient town of Myra from Turkey is a sight of incredible ruins, where you can find Roman Baths, a Ronan theatre and also an Acropolis. What is really striking about this pace, are the tombs carved inside the rocks. It is a place filled with historical meaning, but if you are not interested in historical facts this location is worth visiting just for its majestic appearance.

 Seven Waterfalls, Colorado Springs


Just as the name implies, Seven Falls in Colorado Springs is a group of seven waterfalls, the highest reaching 181 feet. Tourists can admire them by climbing by foot the 224 stairs that take you from the bottom of the waterfalls to its top. This waterfall has been added to the National Geographic list of most beautiful international waterfalls.

 Song Doong Cave, Vietnam


Son Doong cave is situated in the province of Quang Binh from Vietnam and has been named the largest cave in the world. The cave has been found in 1991 by a local, but it has been discovered officially only in 2009, by a group of researchers from the United Kingdom.

The translation of Son Doong is “mountain river cave”. This cave is 2.5 million years old and is the result of the erosion created by the river water of the stone beneath the mountain. In the areas were the stone was  weak, the ceiling dropped resulting in immense skylights.

 Bora Bora turquoise Waters


It is no secret that Bora Bora has become one of the most lusted exotic destinations in the world. This dream land is famous for its unique turquoise waters, fine sandy beaches and over the top resorts. What more can you wish for from your holiday?

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany


This mid 19th century castle is a perfect location for romance. The castle has been constucted two times. The original castle was initially constructed in medieval times, around 1200 but it was destroyed during the war of 1311 and once again in 1381. After that, nobody took care of it anymore and it has become a ruin. However, in 1390, a new castle was built at a distance of 15 kilometers from the original place.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan


Kawachi Fuji Gardens from Japan, are at a distance of 5 hours from Tokyo, if taking the high speed train. This place is one of a kind and it looks like its an image from a fairytale with its tunnel of pastel flowers. These gardens are hosting 150 Wisteria plants with a diversity of 20 species and a variation of pastel colors like pink, violet, white, purple).When the flowers are bloomed passing trough the tunnel can be a mesmerising experience.

 Hunyad Castle, Romania


The Hunyad Castle also known by the name of The Corvin Castle is one of the most remarkable medieval castles from Romania. It has been said that is much more impressive than the infamous Bran Castle.

The Hunyad Castle was built during the 15th century on an ancient settlement. The appearance of the castle was constantly changing depending to the king that was on the throne. The symbol that represents this castle is a raven which holds a golden ring in his beak and the legend behind this symbol is quite interesting.

The legends says, that Iancu de Hunedoara was the illegitimate son of the king of Hungary and when he was born he received a golden ring that it would later serve him to be recognized by the king. When he was a child, a raven had stolen the ring from him and Iancu hit the bird straight in his heart with an arrow and got his ring back.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


Salar de Uyuni is the biggest salt desert on the planet covering a surface of 10.582 square kilometres. The desert is located near the border of Bolivia and Chile, at an altitude of 3656 meters above the sea level. It is called the biggest mirror on Earth.

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil


The Lençóis Maranhenses stands for “bedsheets of Maranhao” and is located in the north east of Brazil. The low area is covered with sand dunes and extends on a surface of 1,500 square kilometers. We have to admit, this place has its unique wild beauty.

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