Many of the women who have reached 50, refer to this stage of their life as their second youth, and the period where they can fully enjoy their life as they have reached the highest level for a woman. But being 50, doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you did before and stick only with certain styles.

Lets face it, a woman remains a woman, no matter what her age is. The thing with hairstyles, is, that the more you evolve with age, the more simpler your hairstyles should be. Go for clean cuts and softness, that would keep your hair away from the face.

If you like wearing bangs you shouldn’t give up on them, as bangs make you look younger. Choose a more wispy bangs long untill you eyebrows, something like Kris Jenner is sporting or Lisa Rinna, but you could also pick some side waves like the bangs Kathy Hilton is wearing.

If you have fine hair, it is recommended you try a short to medium bob, or opt for a cheeky pixie style with some volume added at the roots. Thick hair looks amazing in layered medium or long hair style, and the options here are multiple, from an extra short pixie, to longer bobs, curls, waves or straight.

Grey hair is a general problem for women in their 50s, even younger ones. Remember that lighter hair is easier to maintain in this case, the reason why, many older women go for blonde or light brown colours. But there are clever ways of maintaining dark hair as well, with shades like auburn, burgundy, and dark chocolate.

Women in their 50, should go for very discrete highlights, with 1 to 2 tones lighter than they remain colour. It is advised to avoid drastic hues transitions. The main idea, is for your look to scream elegance and modern. With all the hairstyle for older women,presented below, for sure you will be inspired and will find a match for your tresses.

1. Extra short pixie


Women with ages over 50, are usually going for shorter hair lengths that are easier to style and maintain. This charming super short black pixie with an even clean cut, is very appropriate for ladies that have oval faces.

2. Blonde  Layered Style


Long, wavy layers, grazing the shoulders that need just a slight teasing on the roots to be styled into this beautiful medium hairstyle, which flatters the blonde locks and keeps the hair off the face.

3. Heartwarming Shoulder Length Waves

59th Berlin Film Festival - 'Cheri' Premiere

Center split waves, touching your cheeks are perfect for round and square faces. Discrete caramel highlights will enhance the color of your eyes and give a refresh to the entire look.

4. Straight Elegant Off-Centered Downdo


If you have thick and medium length hair, some grading for the locks, to frame your face, is welcomed. Adding very faint, natural looking highlights, will give the look a sun kissed effect that will compliment your locks. A great medium hairstyle for older women.

5. Large Fancy Curls For Short Hair


The First Lady is one of the best examples, that women who are in their fifties, can have great hair and look amazing with fancy hairstyles regardless of her age. These curls, pumped at the roots and directed towards her face, are very flattering for the shape of her face.

6. Enhanced Elegance


Long golden blonde hair, with thin pale highlights, goes amazing with fair skin and green eyes. Soft curls only at the ends of the hair and long swept bangs, give a very elegant look.

7. Long Auburn Waves


Who said older women can wear their hair long? This one is the best example of long hair styles for older women. Adding a golden tint that sparkles in your long tresses, looks incredible when your hair is styled into loose waves. Let the thin long bangs, naturally fall on one side of your face and you have a very chic and inspiring look.

8. Grace With A Tinge Of Sassiness

The clean lines of this classic and elegant hairstyle, are emanating a very dignified feeling. And the accurate layering starting from down the middle of the ear, just makes this look more cheerful and modern.

9.Ashy Whipped-Up Curls


This one is an awesome medium hairstyles for older women with curly hair, as it has a lot of volume and looks very young. It is a style that can be worn as an every day look but just as well for events.

10. Classic Blonde Bob


Everybody knows that a bob is timeless and ageless. This example, portraying a side parting and thorough grading of the locks, creating a perfect frame for the face, is a great hairstyle for older women that have fine and straight hair.

11. Straw-Blonde Back-Swept Curls


These back pointed curls, perfectly reveal the contour of your face and frame you face very well and the straight graded bangs put the accent on the eyes.

12. Sleek Chin-Grazing Bob



Simplicity and class, are the two main words that define a proper hay style for older women. Jody Foster is one of those women who is is a great example for that, upgrading her style with highlights which give it a more modern aspect.

13. Hot Blonde Peek-A-Boo


If you are going for a peek a boo style, it will surely give you a more youthful look and if you style the long bangs into a relaxed wave that can be swept back.Extra large curls mixed with some spirals work superb when it comes to s stylish peek a boo.

14. Super-Short Bob


Super short bobs, with lots of volume on the top are great for oval faces. Discrete chocolate highlights in black hair are a great choice if you want to enhance the dark brown eyes.

15. Sassy & Sexy Pixie


This daring pixies with a feathery touch to it is hard to resist. It looks both modern and a little sassy, a perfect combination for the beautiful women over 50 who run style and class in their blood.

16: Fresh & Cheeky


A woman over 50, who goes by the belief that age is just a number, even layered razor cut could work. Go for a more distinguished hue, such as burgundy, and all eyes will be on you.

17. Gilded Curls


The hot chestnut curls, covered with a golden finish, combined with a shoulder length hairdo,will brighten your skin and make you look young and alluring, that people wont be able to stop starring.

18. Long Red Curls


If you are among those women of 50 years old, who have thick and dense hair, and are able to grow it long, know that women all over the world envy you.You only need a curling iron to create some wavy curls and there you have it.

19. Beach Waves


Who said beach waves have an age limit?If you are 15, 30 or 50, no matter what age you are, these waves are timeless. A classic long bob, centred in the middle is ideal for such a hair style. The same style, but with the parting moved off the centre, goes nice with round faces.

20. Backcombed Pixie


We all know Sharon Stone has a hard to copy sexiness that makes her just so gorgeous. In her 50s, she still remained faithful to her style. More recently she has been adopting the sassy pixie styles, but in a backcombed elegant manner, style which can be worn at formal events. This haircut doesn’t require much work, so it is easy to create if you have short hair.

21. Ash Brown Spirals



The soft flowing cuts and the round shape of this amazing medium hairstyle, gives a very feminine and elegant look. The highlights in the hair and the sleek finish can name this style, as one of the most glamorous ones ever.

22. Curly Retro Look


Curls, offer a softer and more feminine aspect to any hairstyle. This mixture of curls and waves in medium reddish/brown length, is a little more of an old school, but looks fresh on women of 50 years or above.

23. Short Cut Burgundy Ripple


Combed backwards and given texture, a short and stylish hairstyle will receive even more attention with a daring saturated hue, like this deep burgundy.

24. Classy Bob

This style is both classic and classy at the same time, and Jodie Foster knows exactly how to rock this hairstyle by adding to her short locks the touch of a refined ombre.

25. Messy Bun


We cant believe it either, but its true, Sandra Bullock has already turned 50. Even so, her whole style remained fresh and modern, not to mention ravishing.Choosing this messy undo, will surely make you look 10 years younger.A perfect example of long hairstyles for older women.

26. Lisa Rinna Style


If you want the Lisa Rinna signature style, simply ask your stylist for a haircut with layering down the mid ear. This haircut works best for women with straight thick hair. Adding medium brown highlights to the dark brown of the hair will create volume and accentuate the texture.

27.Sleek Shiny Angled Bob


This is a style that can be rocked by women of any age. Precisely angled bob, sharply side parted with thick bangs swept on one side of the face, is a great option for medium length hair. Iman is working this style and opted for refined highlights.

28. Glamorous Side Style


Who wouldn’t want Andie MacDowell’s silky long locks? Her dark hair is swept on one side and styled into a glamorous wave, which frames her face. Why not try this, when attending a glamorous party?

29. Long Curls with Highlighted Ends


There are women out there who are not afraid to experiment with their hair, no matter what their age is. Vanessa Williams is one of them. Her long brown locks are layered with style into big loose curls and her tips are ombre in a lighter colour.Admit it, she looks gorgeous and fresh.

30. Messy Curls


58-year old Kim Cattrall’s style seems ageless and super fresh. Her charisma might have a lot to to do with it, but also the hairstyles she chooses. She looks amazing with her effortless,”fresh out of bed hairstyle”, made from messy honey blonde curls.


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