5 All-New, All-Different Marvel Titles To Read contains X-Men

Great news for people all over the world. Marvel is launching 45 new ongoing series this October as part of an all different Marvel character program. Can’t wait until October, just a few more weeks to go.

The 45 new series will be different than what we are accustomed to. They will bring one character from the dead for example. Some characters will change like “Spider-man 2099”, “Howard the Duck”, “Ant-man”, “Ms. Marvel” and “Amazing Spider-man”. Others will become more important characters like “Karnak”, “Vision”, “Scarlet Witch”, “Drax” and “Doctor Strange”. Remember when I mentioned somebody coming back from the dead? It’s Deadpool.

These are just a few spoilers because there many more characters that get unravelled. We can make many assumptions, but at this point we know very little about the actual status of the comics. We have been shown a cover image, the creative team and a tagline. The rest is still a mystery.

Here is a list of 5 All-New, All-Different Marvel Titles To Read once the comic books reach the stores.

5. X-Men

5 All-New, All-Different Marvel Titles To Read contains X-Men

When the new X-Men series got launched back in 2012, people were overjoyed. Brian Michael Bendis did an extraordinary job with the new X-Book. He simply took the 5 original characters from the past and got them stranded in the present. Bendis also upgraded his heroes. Amongst this heroes we include Jean, who got a new power. Angel achieved cosmic awareness and Iceman, well, he came out of the closet. Two new writers have been added to the team and they are ready to blow our minds. Dennis Hopeless has joined the crew, he will most probably do wonders. The second writer is Mark Bagley known for the “Ultimate Spider-Man.” I wish October comes tomorrow.

4. Hawkeye

5 All-New, All-Different Marvel Titles welcomes Hawkeye

The previous Hawkeye just got started before the the “Secret Wars” was launched, so the comic was stopped. Sure it was a bit of a let-down, but now after an 8 months gap things will finally get a new heads start. Hawkeye was usually a step back behind the other Marvel Heroes, which created a powerful effect when Clint Barton became a mentor for Kate Bishop. Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez offered us the “prologue” now we will enjoy the ride with Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu and the rest of the previous creative team. There are high expectation for the all new series.

3. Spider-Woman

5 All-New,Spider-Woman is part of All-Different Marvel Titles has Spider-Woman

Since Spider Woman has the same creative team as before the “Secret Wars”, people expect that nothing will change with this character. Well, think again. The newest development will be that fact that Jessica Drew is pregnant. The tagline is “Parent by day. Hero by night”. This seems pretty neat because Marvel heroes rarely get married, have kids and life a happy life. So getting Spider-Woman pregnant and still fighting will be worth reading. Now the big question on our minds is: who is the father?

2. Ultimates

5 All-New, All-Different Marvel Titles has The Ultimates

Back in 2002 Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch made “The Ultimates”, a brand new reinvention of the Avengers. Nick Fury was pretty cool, Captain America was a soldier, Bane an insecure genius and Thor walked the thin line between a nut case and a messiah.

Now “The Ultimates” are being restored by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort .The new series looks like the “Mighty Avengers” comic book series. This new comic will include Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Miss America and also Galactus. So many characters that are stuck together in a twisted universe. Can’t wait to read about them!

1. Spider-Man

The Ultimates in 5 All New, All-Different Marvel Titles has Miles Morales as Spider-Man

Miles Morales managed to survive the Ultimate Universe. Good news for us because we still have many questions regarding Miles fate. What exactly will be his new role? More importantly how will he still remain the same while we will also have Peter Parker as Spider-Man? What has happened to all the people in the Ultimate Universe? Where are Morales friends and family? Are they gone, dead? Will the other heroes or villains revive too? Will Miles be able to adjust to his new life?

Now he will be a superhero in the Marvel Universe and also a member in the Avengers. This questions will soon be answered, once the comic books will be released. I cannot wait to see what the writers have planned for Miles Morales. One thing is certain. He is in good hands because the writers are Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

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