Doll collecting is America’s new favorite hobby. And it is not a cheap hobby either! Whether you like toys covered by sparkly diamonds, original first editions or priceless vintage dolls, you will have to empty your pockets.  However, some would say they are worth the money. Decide for yourselves by viewing our top of 5 most expensive dolls in the world.

1. L’oiseleur (The bird Trainer) – $ 6,250,000

le oisleur

L’oiseleur is a luxury doll of 1, 2 meters in length dressed in beautifully embroidered renaissance clothes which intones ‘The March of Rois’ to the flute, while its fingers move on the musical instrument. The two birds it holds sing at the same time and they charmingly move their heads and flap their wings. Furthermore, there’s no motor or electricity involved. This is a special kind of doll, switched on by spring-driven cogs and gears, with the help of a golden key.

2. Madame Alexander’s Eloise – $ 5,000,000

This doll (please note that the doll showed in the picture is another Madame Alexander’s Eloise) is definitely not for all pockets! The exquisite series of 5 hand-made toys were meant for charity some years ago. Their price is justified by the heavy names involved in their creation: Harry Windson provided the dolls with 9 carats of diamonds, Oscar de la Renta  covered them with precious furs, Christian Dior dressed them up and Kathrine Baumann accessorised the lucky dolls with items covered by Svarowsky crystals. We rest our case in silence…

3. Diamond Barbie- $ 300,000- 500.000

diamond barbie

We certainly could not exclude famous Barbie from the list of the most expensive dolls in the World! This lucky girl, designed by Stefano Canturi, received a 1 carat pink diamond heckles and a gorgeous, strapless black dress and it was sold in a Christie’s auction in 2010.  This diamond transformed the doll in the most expensive doll ever to be sold in an auction. The money was destined to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

4. Original G.I. Joe – $200,000

G.I. Joe was created in the’70. The producer is the toy company Hasbro. When this toy was made, no one suspected how successful it will be among the little and big boys altogether. There were first four kinds of dolls: an American Soldier, A Navy Sailor, An Air Force Pilot and a Marine. They were cheap toys, valuing not more than 4 $ each. Over the time, the signification of the toys grew, as they became the first Action Men and they introduced the idea of movable fighting man. Today, the original G.I .Joe belongs to a private collection and its value is breathtaking.

5. Kestner’s Hilda – $ 8,000

This baby doll’s price is so high because it was made by the world wide famous Kestner. This particular Hilda Doll was designed way back, in 1914. It has human hair and teeth, its original clothes and it is in a very good shape. This particular toy is certainly not for playing. Almost 100 years Hilda baby is only one of the very expensive dolls made by this German artist.

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