Christmas gift ideas


We all know that Christmas is probably the best time for shopping, especially when it comes to women. However, for the men out there who do not enjoy shopping as much as women do, here is a top with six amazing Christmas gift ideas for women.

Almost every woman enjoys getting gifts every once in a while, so Christmas should be the best excuse to make your sister or sisters, wife, mother, daughter, grandma, girlfriend or girls in general, feel particularly special.

However, most women are picky when it comes to the perfect Christmas gift, so this top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas will help you search and find the ideal Christmas gift for her.

 1. Perfume

Christmas gift ideas Perfume makes anyone feel more attractive and gives you a unique feeling. Be careful though, there are so many types of perfumes out there, that it is possible to get confused around them and pick something that may not suit her.  Perfume is just as important as a piece of clothing or jewelry and can be considered as part of a girl’s collection of accessories. However, don’t get too scared. As long as you choose a perfume that resembles the way you feel when you look at her, you cannot go wrong.

2. Clothes

Christmas gift ideas Clothes are probably the trickiest gift idea because you have to be sure about size and style, but clothes are always going to make a woman happy. If you know the person you are buying clothes for really well, then you can take the risk and buy a Christmassy Cardigan or a great pair of jeans. You can also try buying matching scarfs or gloves if you are buying presents for a group of women who get along really well.

3. Jewelry

Christmas gift ideas
Allow yourself some time to surf through different stores before choosing what kind of jewelry you want to buy. Necklaces, earrings or brooches are the easiest to buy, because their sizes are universal. When it comes to style, stick with the classics if you are buying precious jewelry made out of gold or silver. If you want your gift to have Christmas all over it, choose handmade Christmas jewelry.

4. Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas If you want your gifts to be unique and thoughtful, then try creating something by yourself. There are hundreds of homemade Christmas gift ideas out there and if you put your own touch to some of them, you will end up with one amazing gift. Many gifts are also quite fun to make and if you have kids that can help you craft them, success is guaranteed. One of the easiest and cutest Christmas gift ideas is using mason jars to make cooking kits. Fill an empty mason jar with all that’s needed for the perfect hot chocolate or the most amazing brownie recipe. Be careful though, don’t put any liquid in the jar or otherwise you can end up with a something pretty disgusting. This Christmas gift idea is fairly inexpensive and easy to make and it will brighten up any woman or girl’s day.

Get creative and try to assemble your own food and drink basket, with homemade cookies or cakes. This cheap idea can work wonders on pretty much anyone, bosses, coworkers, employees, teachers, neighbors, your family, their families, your friends, grandparents, inlaws, boyfriend or husband. This DIY gift idea is so versatile that you can use it for everyone and everything.

5. Twelve Days of Presents

Christmas gift ideas The more, the merrier can also be used when it comes to Christmas gifts. Start giving gifts every day from the 14th of December until Christmas day. Some cool 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend can be one rose, two gloves, three cookies, four jelly beans, five scented candles, six kisses on the forehead, seven different ways in which you tell her you love her, a playlist with eight songs that make you think about her, nine situations in which you realized you love her, ten chocolate truffles, eleven reasons why you cannot live without her, twelve new Christmas globes. Romantic and simple!

6. Gadgets

Christmas gift ideas The top Christmas gift ideas 2013 were actually gadgets. You have a large range to choose from when it comes to gadgets. From tablet and phone cases to smart watches or bracelets, you can surely find a good gift to please the women in your life.


Another aspect that you need to look into is the wrapping. Use holiday themed wrapping to wrap all your presents and make the gift exchange as colorful as ever.


The truth is that no matter what gift you choose, the most important gift that is free but priceless is spending time with the ones you love. So call your mothers, wives, husbands, girlfriends, parents, older family members or grandparents and tell them that this year, the only thing you want is for them to be with you.

Merry Christmas and do not forget to check for gifts under the Christmas tree!

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