Reincarnation is one of those things that sounds fascinating and almost impossible and that’s why so many people aren’t quite inclined to believe that it is real, not without some decent proof anyway. When it comes to religion, Christianity doesn’t believe in reincarnation, but Buddhism and Hinduism do – maybe this is the reason why people aren’t open to the possibility of reincarnation. We’re here to present to you the ten most convincing cases of reincarnation which involve children.

It’s a well-known fact that children are more sensitive when it comes to energies and other worldly things. There are countless accounts of children seeing things that grown-up don’t see or talking to people and things that seem to be invisible. Yes, children are freaky, but the following children win the gold medal for freaky! All these cases are real and there are several books and doctors that have documented them. Read on if you dare!

6. Reborn as Your Daughter


When a Brazilian woman named Maria Oliviero became sick with tuberculosis when it used to be a deadly disease, she promised her friend Ida that she would be reborn as her daughter. Two months later the woman gave birth to a daughter which she named Marta. As the little girl grew up, she started remembering moments and things from her previous life. When she was older she was allowed to go to her previous house where she knew various things that she couldn’t have otherwise, for example that her name was written on the back of a clock.

5. Reborn as Your Son


Another story of Indian reincarnation presents Victor, a fisherman who told his niece that he would be reborn as her son. He even lifted his shirt to show the woman the scars his future son would bear. Eighteen months after Victor died, she gave birth to a son whom she named Corliss Chotkin Jr. and he had the same scars Victor had. His parents believed him to be Victor reincarnated. When the boy and his mother were walking one day, he saw a man whom he called by his name, William. He then told his mother that it was his son and indeed, it was Victor’s son. He not only recognized many other individuals, but he recalled many things from Victor’s previous life. This is by far, one of the most convincing cases of reincarnation. Unfortunately, when the boy was nine, his memories from his previous life began to fade.

4. The Boy Who Found His Wife from a Past Life


An American boy was born to a scientist couple began remembering things from his previous life as soon as he learned how to speak. He told them that his name was actually Sunny Ray, that he had a dog, Willie and a wife, Dawn and that he used to live in Texas. When the boy was 7 years old his parents went to Texas on business and they accidentally met Dawn. What happened was shocking to everyone; the parents flew their son to meet Dawn and they had a conversation about their life together and the boy even played a song on the guitar, although he never learned how. The weird part is that when the boy was 14 he moved to New York and started living with Dawn. His parents agreed to this.

3. I Drowned in a Pool


Manjy Sharma was born in 1969 in a small village in India. When she was two she began to remember details about being a girl from a neighboring village who, one day when she came back from school, drowned in a pool of water. She told her parents about this, but they didn’t believe her. One day she saw a man in her village whom she recognized as her uncle. She talked to him and gave him information about her previous life. The man returned to his village and promised the little girl he would take her with him after he would talk to her previous father. He did return and they had an emotional meeting. As the girl grew up she continued to visit her parents from her previous life and many of her statements were verified by psychologists. The girl married in 1988 and she forgot almost all the details from her previous life.

2. Mother Whose Son is Older than Her


India is the place where many cases of reincarnation come from, because Hinduism believes in reincarnation. Shanti Devi was a little girl who was the reincarnation of a woman who was married, had a son and lived far from where the girl was born. She talked about her past live, her husband and her rich lifestyle for years, until at the age of nine she finally went to meet her previous family. The little girl recognized everybody and the reunion was very emotional. At one point she even led her family to a place where she hid some money. The story was so amazing, that it appeared in all of India’s major newspapers.

1. Reincarnated Twins


In 1954 sisters Joana and Jacqueline Pollock were playing in front of their home when a car run them down by accident. When Mrs. Pollock became pregnant, her husband had a dream in which he saw that his wife would have twins and that they would be the reincarnation of their daughters. Gillian and Jennifer came to this world full of surprises. Apparently, Jennifer had a scar and a birthmark in the exact same place Jacqueline did. When the twins were four their parents opened a box full of toys that belonged to their deceased daughters and the twins immediately recognized the toys. Both girls had a fear of cars and crossing the road.

It’s weird that in almost all cases the children would forget about their previous lives as they grew up, isn’t it? What did you think of these convincing cases of reincarnation? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do all these cases mean that reincarnation is now proven to be a fact? Share your thoughts on this matter in the comment section below.