The Amazon Echo shown in this photo is one of the 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas.

There’s 4 days left till Christmas (counting this one as well)! So in case you want to give out some gifts to those in your life you care about making giddy with joy, it would be best if you did so soon.

If you haven’t even thought about what to buy yet, or are still pondering options, well then you’ve come to the right place. Why not go for some tech this year?

You know, since everybody’s still hyped about “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”, why not buy your loved ones some of the awesome tech presently available in our real world?

If you’re interested, check out the following 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas below. (Sorry, no Death Stars available yet).

1. iPhone 6S

7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas - The iPhone 6S pictured here.

You can never go wrong with smartphones. They’re always being upgraded. They’re always in vogue and whenever a new popular offering like the iPhone 6S comes along, owning it is not only useful (due to the increasingly more potent capabilities), it is also a sign of status.

2. Braven 570 Wireless Speaker

One of the 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas is the Braven 570 Wireless Speaker presented in the photo.

As the name says, it’s a very cool speaker that you can connect to your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth (but also with a cable via line-in if you wish), making it ideal for on-the-spot parties … wherever you want. Remote shack in the woods with plenty of headhunters but no power? No problem. Same for a beach location or on the basketball court if you want to add some beats to your natural rhythm.

Just remember that it has 10 hours play time until you have to recharge it.

3. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The list of 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas includes the Beats Solo2 Headphones pictured here in several colors.

However, if you think the recipients of your gifts are more into carving out their own little world, musically speaking of course, go for these headphones. They’re the USA Today Best of the Year Headphones winners. Twice (2014 and 2015). Superb acoustics. Cool and trendy (Beats By Dre, get it?). 12 hour play time. And you can even pick up calls with them.

4. Fitbit Charge HR

7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas - Fitbit Charge HR wristbands, like those shown in the picture.

Maybe you want to help those close to you with their fitness and sports activities. Or maybe you want to nudge them into starting to perform such activities in the first place. In that case, the Fitbit Charge HR tracker wristband seems like a solid choice, as evinced by the good reviews it gets from many users.

It can record your active and at rest times, calories burned, distance covered as well as monitor your sleep. The HR stands for Heart Rate, because it monitors that too. And you can see other stuff like time of day and notifications on it.

Finally (like the other items on the list so far), it’s wireless! And starts synching automatically to your smartphone!

5. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo shown in this photo is one of the 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas.

The perfect choice for a glimpse into the future of computer or robotic personal assistants.

This gadget is more than a glorified speaker, because it features Alexa, a voice-recognition software that executes your commands (within abilities). This includes: playing music on the Amazon Echo, reading audio books, traffic and weather updates and reports, news, sports scores and schedules, and others.

It can even control lights, switches and other connected devices if they are compatible.

And the great (and freaky!) part is that it is evolving, due to constant upgrades of its features and functionality (Amazon boasts 95 since launch).

6. Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

The list of 7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas includes the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone, like the one shown flying in this picture.

Is there any need to explain why you should buy a drone?! They are one of the hottest products at the moment, with many people using them to take awesome pictures or movies (whether they’re hobbyists or professionals). The Parrot Bebop 2 Drone just launched this December and is impressive in its capabilities.

For example, it can fly for 25 minutes, which is quite a lot for a drone, considering present technologies related to battery life. It has a host of other cool specs (too many to list here), including app control by Android or iOS running phone and a safety feature that automatically locks the propellers in case of impact.

7. Self Balancing Hoverboard

7 techy Christmas 2015 gift ideas - Self Balancing Hoverboard.

Hoverboards are possibly THE hottest products at the moment, with record sales despite their relatively recent introduction on the market.

They’re fun, easy to use 2 wheel contraptions that allow you to go from one place to another like you’re floating on a magic carpet.

More importantly, they’re also safe if properly built. The only problems reported with them had nothing to do with falling off accidents or some such, but rather with a number of them catching fire as they recharged.

A serious problem, indeed which resulted in many recalls in the UK and US and bans on certain brands and models being sold. But here’s the catch. The models banned are mostly copy-cat models which sprung up due to the hoverboard’s massive success.

As such, certain brands have been certified safe and can still be sold. Just confirm that those you intend to purchase are safe and you should be set to go with an delightfully new and innovative means of transportation that can give you tens of minutes of fun moving around.

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