8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - E.T.

Some say the past should be forgotten, live in the present. I say they are wrong. Especially when you find some juicy information about somebody’s past. Movie characters make no exception when it comes to an embarrassing past. Some were good, some were bad and some have no words to be described. I have dug up some dark secrets about well-known character we all love today.

Here is a list of 8 lovable characters that were originally mental.

8. Groot

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - Groot

Groot went through an evil phase. Let’s call it teenage angst, shall we? Before Groot became the lovable silent tree-man that only said “Groot” and everybody went aww, he was totally insane.

In Tales to Astonish, he could talk, control wood with his mind and absorb it to become bigger.  You would not recognize him at all, since he was the big bad villain that had other trees as minions.

As the job description for a villain is to conquer Earth, Groot complied. He came to Earth, to a village, as the Monarch of Planet X. He then, as all villains do, started explaining his whole evil plan. Shocker! So the short version is that Groot wanted to take the villagers to space, on his planet, to do experiments. All because he is Groot the Overlord of all the Timber in the Galaxy. Talk about bad-ass name. The funny part is that his plan failed because of termites!

7. E.T.

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - E.T.

The “must phone home” E.T. was more like “E.T. evil, E.T. kills cows” type. Woa, this came as a shocker.

Steven Spielberg was on the verge of producing a movie about alien scientists that were terrorizing a farmer’s family and mutilating the cattle. These aliens were a little odd. What do they have against cows?

Spielberg was not feeling any good vibes from the whole let’s-kill-cows-in-gruesome-ways movie. The good part is that Mellisa Mathison told Steven that she liked more the subplot. It was about the family’s son that befriended the “vegetarian” alien, who was better than this brethren. The rest is history.

That E.T. version, thank god, never phoned home.

6. Truman Show

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - The Truman Show

Truman was more intense. Who wouldn’t be? Especially when your whole God damn life was staged and turned secretly in a reality show. The original script had more dark scenes then what we were shown.

The movie was set in a gloomy New York, not your average friendly neighborhood. There is a scene where Truman almost witnessed a rape and does nothing. One of the rapists comments that physical violence always paralyzes him, which makes you think how many scenes were like this?

When Truman realizes that he’s been living his whole life in a lie he goes berserk. Truman grabs a woman’s baby and threatens to bash in the child’s head on the sidewalk, unless she admits she knows him.

5. Blade

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - Blade

Before you knew him as the bad ass vampire hunter played by Wesley Snipes, Blade was based on a Marvel character.

Blade had an afro and wore really shinny outfits. He was also British. Imagine him all ready for fighting, swinging his sword left and right and drinking a cup of tea. Blade’s only power was being immune to vampire bites. Hmm, not that useful because they could resort to at least another 1000 ways to kill him.

4. Popeye

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - Popeye

Popeye got his strength from a magic hen.

This totally blew my mind. I was one of those kids that ate a whole bunch of spinach to get powers. Ah, how I have made my parents proud for eating my vegetables.

When Popeye’s popularity skyrocketed, our beloved sailor ditched the poor chicken and started eating spinach to gain superpowers.

3. Cookie Monster

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - The Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster was an IBM corporatist.

Long before we were introduced to him, the Cookie Monster appeared in IBM training films. His loveable look that we all know is a total makeover. Back then he was green, had bad teeth and ate machines. Clips showed viewers how IBM products worked. Cookie monster was changed and introduced on Sesame Street with a whole new face and attitude.

2. Betty Boop

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - Betty Boop

She was originally the girlfriend of Bimbo, a canine version of Mickey Mouse. Now do not go to the dark side, imagine Betty as a human-doggish type, a weirdly human poodle type. In the end, since it was all sorts of wrong, they had to end the tragic relationship of Betty and Bimbo.

1. Game of Thrones

8 Lovable Characters That Were Originally Mental - Games of Thrones

The original version was all sorts of weird.

Arya and Jon Snow were in love. Tyrion was in love with Arya. Tyrion burns Winterfell to the ground.

Sansa had a baby with Joffrey and she was totally in love with her new family.

Daenerys was going to murder her beloved Khal Drogo. Jaime was the one murdering his dad and blaming all on Tyrion.

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