Dexter's ending is on the 8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad

There is a thin line between good and bad. TV shows make no exception. Some do not know when it should be enough and keep on going. It’s pretty sad to see your favourite TV show go up in flames. You spend years watching them and then you see one bad ending that ruins the whole show.

There are other TV shows that show great potential in the beginning, but after one season they go on a totally different direction that makes you say what the hell is going on. I made a list of 8 TV shows that went from good to bad.

1. Dexter

Dexter's ending is on the 8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad

Raise your hands if you were among Dexter’s fans. I was, but regret it. It all started as a great TV show with tremendous potential. One good serial killer, working on the police force, going up and about killing bad guys. What’s not to like. After four exciting season, Dexter goes from good to bad. It made the last four seasons more about the drama around Dexter. The final episode is the worst ever made, it’s like the screenwriters didn’t know how to end it. It’s so bad it angered every one of us.

2. Lost

Lost's twisted ending is on 8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad

This was one drama-fantasy TV show that made us glue our eyes to the TV. Cool characters, that one weird island, oh and The Others. It started pretty great, had a bit of mystery, drama, murders. Oh, how I cried when Charlie died. Remember the: “Not Penny’s boat” scene? It was so good and sad. Then they steered this show in another direction. Went on creating alternative realities, then something about religion. The ending was a let down, not going to spoil it for the one’s that didn’t see the show, but you will definitely not like it.

3. Heroes

8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad include Heroes

This TV show had great potential. It had many viewers and the subject was pretty interesting. Heroes started all good, viewers were happy, the show was headed in the right direction. Then it wasn’t. Starting with season two the show took a turn for the worse. By season three, it lost half of its viewers. No wonder it only managed to get to four seasons. This year we will also be able to see a Heroes rebootLet’s see how long this one will last.

4. Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is part of the 8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad

Sons of Anarchy started pretty good. Although it was a bit unrealistic that all the bike gang members were way to good looking, we didn’t mind. At first it was all about territorial wars, parties, beer, then it went to the dark side. It only revolved around lies, deceit, violence and a whole bunch of murders. The last season was so nerve breaking that you wanted to turn off the TV.

5. Entourage

8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad includes Entourage

How we all wanted to be one of the Entourage crew. The life of the rich and famous sounds so good and this TV show makes it look even better. It started great then steadily went down, season by season. The show was saved only by Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) with their comic personalities. This year we also get to see the movie adaptation of Entourage.

6. Weeds

Weeds is added on 8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad

This show was unique and fun. It started with the story of a housewife who sells weed to make a buck. Unfortunately the ratings dropped and after the third season nobody was interested about the storyline. It run for eight seasons, but my opinion is that it should have stopped after the first three.

7. The O.C

8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad includes the soryline from The O.C.

The O.C launched the careers for some of the cast members like Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood. The tv show was about the struggles of rich teenagers living the sort of life you dream of. It was all good until they had to kill Micha Barton’s character and after that the show went on a downwards spiral that had no recovery. If the show had only three seasons, it would have been one show to remember. Instead they chose to milk it as much as possible extending the drama for one more season that was not that great.

8. The Killing

8 TV Shows That Went from Good to Bad includes the renewed by Netflix The Killing

If you are into detective shows that include drama and mystery, then the Killing provided all of these elements. It kept you guessing who killed Rosie Larsen.  It was unique and entertaining but then it got cancelled. Netflix renewed it and completely ruined the show’s unique perspective with cliché scenes and outcome. It wasn’t unbearable but it made you feel like you’re wasting precious time watching it.

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