9 Halloween Dressed Celebs When Kids - Ed Sheeran

Some stars like to dress up. Wait. No, I mean, some stars like to dress up when they’re NOT at work. Like, for example, for Halloween. And some of them even did it when they were young. Which shows a certain degree of perseverance and dedication towards a future schizophrenia… ummmm … I mean show-bizz talent! (kidding, of course; everybody knows that show-bizz people don’t have to be schizophrenic to be good at their trade, they just have to be empty inside… kidding, kidding!).

So, since Halloween will be upon us at the end of this month, instead of looking at our own jealously guarded and once-a-year-flaunted alter egos, let’s take a look at those hinted at by photos of 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids.

1. Kim Kardashian – Minnie Mouse

9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids - Kim Kardashian

Long before she broke the Internet, Kim Kardashian dressed up as the squeaky, cute Minnie Mouse. This innocent, romantic streak of hers must’ve come in handy in her latter years of reality TV and stardom, right? I mean, that is what they look for, no?

2. Khloe Kardashian – Ballerina

One of the 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids is Khloe Kardashian.


Now she wasn’t gonna let her big sister have all the fun, right? So if Kim went for the Minnie Mouse shtick, Khloe took it to a new level by adding some grace, poise and just general artiness to the costume competition and dressed up as a ballerina. No films of the Ballerina vs Minnie Mouse dance-off have leaked so far…

3. Ariana Grande – Princess

The list of 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids includes Ariana Grande.

Guess the princess thing is quite an allure at that age for some girls. But a close look at her expression in the photo tells us she’s not your usual “damsel in distress” type. Menacing in the first one, she then proceeds to mercilessly strangle her opponent in the second. Scaaaary! Thumbs up for the fiery latin (Italian) spirit.

4. Ed Sheeran – Clown

9 Halloween Dressed Celebs When Kids - Ed Sheeran

“I see fire!” Oh, wait it’s just that clown juggling again. ‘Ed… Ed, lad?! Put the torches down or you’re gonna burn down the town again.’ … ‘Why are you laughing? And why do you have a chainsaw now?’ … ‘Ed?! Eeeeed?!?!? Aaaaaaargh!’ Seriously this could’ve totally happened, judging be the make-up and the straight, no-nonsense face Ed Sheeran has in this vaguely horrifying photo of the costume he chose as a kid.

5. Cara Delevingne – Indian Warchief(?)

One of the 9 Halloween Dressed Celebs When Kids is Cara Delevingne.

From the combination of make-up, feather headdress, overalls, long-sleeve and knife, it’s a tough bet to decide whether she’s: A. an (American-)Indian Warchief oooooor… B. a really brave ahead-of-her-time hipster who plays in an avant-garde band. Let’s lean towards the Warchief theory, though.

6. Miley Cyrus – Princess

Who is one of the 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids? Miley Cyrus.

Believe it or not, but the actual new Queen of Shock (Lady Gaga’s slacking probably caused a vacuum into which Miley deftly twerked her way into) wanted to be… a princess when she was small. Now, her definition of princess might be different from most people’s, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what she ended up. Despite her probable impression that she’s on top of the world. Then again, who are we, simple plebs, to judge?

7. Emma Roberts – Witch

One of the 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids is Emma Roberts.

A relatively successful actor and singer, niece of Julia Roberts and a witch. Talk about a busy gal. Still, it looks from the childhood photo that being a witch ain’t all that hard. In fact, she looks mildly bored. Probably why she keeps herself busy with all those other things. Hmmm.

8. Rowan Blanchard -Witch

9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids - Rowan Blanchard.

Another witch! Seems like that’s always the case with girl-stereotypes, eh? Either you’re a princess or you’re a witch. Except when you manage to do both when you grow up and then you’re a … Queen? Or a CEO or a political figure or whatever you want to be. As long as you keep the princess persona firmly up front and the witch ministering in the background. Or the mob will gather, sharpening pitchforks and preparing the pyre, as it is wont to do.

9. Victoria Justice – ???

Victoria Justice is part of the 9 Halloween dressed celebs when kids.

Wait, wait, I’ve got this. She’s dressed as a half-witch, half-alternative Tron costume that never made it in the film… aaaand a jeans bag. No. No. She’s dressed as a modern rendition of Tinkerbell if she was a Goth AND Trance fan, working in Las Vegas. Nope. Not quite right. She’s dressed as Madonna’s costumes in all her videos with… You know what, I give up.

So, that’s it folks, in general not quite a list of terrifying dark monsters (looking at you Ed Sheeran), but hey it’s hard to be terrifying when you’re as fabulous as these celebrities. Even when they were young and not yet celebrities, they still clearly weren’t just average kids. You can tell that they had a certain… nonchalance, confidence and aura of greatness about them. You can, right? I mean I’m not being sarcastic or anything…

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