9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits - Honey Bunny was Linda Chen's real bunny

You know what they call a Pulp Fiction screening in Paris? A kick-ass movie experience. Just like everywhere else in the world.

No matter how many times you’ve seen it before, Pulp Fiction always manages to remain interesting to watch and cool beyond the legal limit. Which is a testament to Quentin Tarantino’s genius when it comes to making movies that have a high chance of turning into legend.

But there are things having to do with the movie outside of what happens on-screen that are noteworthy in their own right. So here’s 9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits that will only serve to enhance your admiration for this masterpiece.

1. The real honey bunny

9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits - Honey Bunny was Linda Chen's real bunny

Linda Chen, typist and photographer for Tarantino had a rabbit named like this that she asked Tarantino to take care of when she was gone on a work related trip. Tarantino said he wouldn’t do it, which contributed indirectly to the bunny’s death. So he decided to give the name to the now memorable character in Pulp Fiction.

2. Great returns

As one of the highest earning movies in 1994 (top 10), it might amuse you to know that it cost a mere 8.5 million $ to make, 5 million going to the actors as salaries. It’s really a small investment compared to other movies in its league. Not to mention many productions that cost a lot to make only to flop upon release.

3. Whole lotta Fs

One of the 9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits is the big number of expletives.

Pulp Fiction is the proud holder of an honorable record. Namely the movie with the most appearances of that favorite American and Hollywood expletive starting with the letter F (you know which one, don’t play coy, it won’t be written in full). 265 times, to be exact.

4. Not first choice

The role for Vincent Vega was meant to go to Michael Madsen, not to John Travolta, but Madsen decided to drop out of this movie to star in another, despite being offered the role first and Tarantino being adamant that he’s perfect for the part.

Bruce Willis was also not a first choice for Butch, as Tarantino envisioned a younger actor playing the boxer, Matt Dillon.

Neither was Uma Thurman for the role of Mia. In fact, there is a long list of other actresses considered, among which Michelle Pfeiffer, who is rumored to have been Tarantino’s favorite choice.

5.  This close!

The list of 9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits includes actor Paul Calderon

Paul Calderon, who plays the secondary character … Paul/English Bob, was so impressive at his audition that Tarantino genuinely considered giving him the role of Jules, despite the fact that the same Tarantino had written it specifically for Samuel Jackson. This promptly made Jackson come and audition a second time, just to prove he deserves the role and not Calderon.

6. Unexpected launch locations

For a movie that has all the ingredients to make it appealing for American moviegoers, it was, surprisingly, not released in the USA first. Rather its USA release came forth after those in South Korea, Japan and Slovakia. Perhaps Tarantino wanted to make some more “tests” of audiences reactions before launching it in the USA, but in that case, it’s odd that he didn’t choose a Western European country.

7. The plunge and the cringe

9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits - the syringe scene

Yes, that plunge. With the syringe. In Mia’s heart. The one that was soooo realistic and infectious that it is one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Most people who’ve seen the movie generally flinch at that scene and then, when recovering try to imagine what it would be like to have a big needle like that plunged into your heart.

Well, guess what? Although not in the heart, the needle was indeed inserted into Uma Thurman’s chest. But before shooting the scene. Then John Travolta pulled it OUT, with a perfect execution of motions that, when reversed in post-production, look extremely realistic.

8. Heads and tails

Yes, you can make order of the whole timeline if you want to make things easy an not keep track of its various displaced parts in your head. You can actually watch the scenes in a chronological order and they will make sense. And there are even tutorials, infographics and forum discussions that help with this on the internet. All you need is a little patience. And some skill with editing movies or a friend that does…

9. Signs of a beautiful friendship

Robert Rodriguez' participation is one of the 9 interesting pulp fiction tidbits

You know how Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino made the massive hit “Grindhouse”, featuring stories from both directors collected into one movie? Well, guess who took on the directing responsibilities when Tarantino was on set, playing Jimmy? Exactly. His future friend and collaborator Robert Rodriguez added his skills and expertise to Pulp Fiction too.

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