This year we commemorated a decade since the terrorist attack of 9/11. In that day, many people died, in that day, the war on terrorism began, in that day, New York people witnessed the Hell as they never thought they would. The most powerful pictures of 9/11 are a way of remembering and of making sure that the victims will not be forgotten. These are 10 of the most impressive images taken on Ground Zero in that awful day:

1. The dust cloud

1 dust

The New York City Police Department took this picture on September 11, 2001, right in the moment when the two towers collapsed in a cloud of dust and ashes.

2. The Second Tower in flames

2.brooklyn bridge

United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the South tower of the World Trade Center in the fatidic 9/11. The American flag on the Brooklyn bridge is like a symbol of the tradedy that hit the country that day, while the image itself is outstanding.

3.Chapelain Mychal Judge is killed while trying to do his is duty


This is the painful image of chapelain Mychal Judge, who was killed by falling debris while trying to perform his godly duty among the victims of the tragedy. The seeing of a death is awful in any circumstance, yet this image is powerful enough to shock us with its story, composition and the expression on the faces of the rescuers.

4. Watching the towers burning


This image, of a crowd watching the two towers burning is a symbol of the impact that this catastrophe had on ordinary people: Fear, shock, confusion, they all flourish on the faces of these people connected in a second by this tragedy that, on 9/11, made them remember that they were linked together by the appurtenance to the same nation, to the same human species.

5. Falling


This image, capured by photographer Richard Drew, is one of the most famous pictures of that fatidic day. The scene was not singular, as it repeated itself painfully many times while the monstrous fire was destroying everything in its path. While seeing this image, one cannot stop from being transported into the skin of that man: how it would feel like to know for sure that you will die in the next seconds?

6. The fireman

6. fireman

The anonymous fireman pictured in this image is another symbol of the 9/11 tragedy. The photographer Antony Correia was impressed with the exhausted and resigned look on the look of this brave man.

7. The grey world

grey world

Covered with ashes and dust, this is one site from the 9/11 catastrophe which we will never forget. The grey world that used to be one of the New York City’s land marks and the fireman running to help whoever may be saved are indeed heartbreaking.

8. Not even the toughest men remain untouched

7. crying

The life losses among the brave police officers and especially among the fire fighters (343 deaths) who acted pushed by their duty and their humanity are touching especially because of their heroism. At the funeral of the Fire Department chaplain Mychal Judge, this fire fighter, named Tony James cannot hold his tears. He shouldn’t, anyway: 9/11 was one of the days when even the toughest guys were allowed to cry.

9. President Bush is informed about the attacks

10.president bush

In this picture, we are witnessing the moment when the president was announced about the attacks which had taken place. His face, his eyes, say it all: terror, shock, and the severe look of a ruler who will dedicate his presidency to war against terrorism. President Bush was attending a school reading event when Andrew Card, his chief of staff informed him of the 9/11 events. Yet he never showed any sign of what was actually happening outside the childish universe, and continued to participate to the event, until it ended.

10. The survivor


In this picture, we are witnessing a survivor walking away from the place of the tragedy. Edward Fine, who worked on the 78th floor of the first tower, is probably amazed to  still be alive. The things he probably witnessed are beyond imagination.

source and photo credits:

Yahoo news