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It has been “scientifically” proven that men look better when they have a beard. Just kidding!

There are men who look good with a beard and other who look terrible with one. Actually there is no rule, it depends very much on everyone’s physiognomy. Today we are not going to talk about those men who have made a terrible choice when they decided to go for a beard or a mustache, but about those Hollywood actors who look even more delicious with a beard than they did pre-beard.

1. Shia LaBeouf

After acting with some of the most beautiful women (Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington -Whiteley) in the Transformers series, Shia wants to show everyone that he’s cool. With his long hair and beard Shia is now showing the world he has left behind those chick flick movies and he is ready to pursue more serious roles like the one in Lars von Trier’s movie, Nymphomaniac found in post –production.

2. Jude Law

The actor grew a beard to interpret the character of Dom Hemingway in the dark comedy with the same name. The actor is a seifcracker who is released from prison after 12 years and goes to France to recover some money for keeping his mouth shut. Although he looked very sexy with his new beard, after the shooting, Jude chose to give it up. Sad.

3. Ben Affleck

The actor had a love -hate relationship with his beard during filming Argo. There were mornings when he would wake up, look in the mirror and ask himself why Tony (Tony Mendez, the character he interpreted) couldn’t just get a haircut and a shave. After filming, Ben dropped the beard, but later returned to this look. Affleck, make up your mind!

4. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt grew a beard for his role in World War Z, a film about a zombie invasion. The actor has an on and off relationship with his beard and his friends say that the longer the beard, the more depressed he’s feeling. Stressed or depressed, Brad Pitt is extra delicious with a beard.

5. Russell Crowe

Russell likes a challenge when it comes to and his latest film (Noah is in post-production) makes no exception. To take on the role of Noah, the great film adaptation of the biblical story of the same name, Crowe grew a bushy beard. And to make fun of his new appearance, Russell posted on his Twitter account that his bead will disappear at the end of November. A sad day.

6. Hugh Jackman

2012 was the year that Hugh Jackman could not give up his beard. The first time he had to have one for the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and then for the role of Logan in The Wolverine. And it looks like he will not get rid of it anytime soon because in 2018 X -Men: Days of Future Past will be released. Lucky us.

7. Alec Baldwin

With a beard, the executive from 30 Rock looks even more confident and sexy. Although he is 55 years old, this blue-eyed sexy actor can still turn heads, especially when he has a beard.

8. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey just has one of those faces that can make you laugh without his even doing anything. But when he has a beard, Jim becomes his sexy hippie beast who display a big perfect smile underneath all that hair. Jim Carrey is probably living proof that a bead can make any funny guy sexy and dangerous.

9. Joaquin Phoenix

Some time ago something serious happened with Joaquin Phoenix. After the movie Two Lovers he announced his retirement from the acting industry and stated that he would dedicate himself to a hip hop music career (with the music album Walk the Line, he managed to win an award at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards). But later resumed his acting career with The Master, The Immigrant, Her and Inherent Vice. And that wasn’t the only weird thing: he appeared with a beard and long messy hair and although seeing him like that was shocking, he never looked more attractive.

10. Zac Efron

At 26 years old, a beard turned Zac Efron from cute kid and teen idol into a sexy man, a serious actor who is now ready to take on challenging roles.