Actresses who Played Prostitutes

A good actor should be able to interpret just about any role. Sometimes, the proposed roles can defy morality code and even come into conflict with their beliefs. But even so, sometimes it’s hard to turn down a role that can bring only benefits. An actor should be well documented to enter into his role, to understand the mentality of the character. The roles we will talk about today, however, are part of a special class that I guess nobody really wanted to experience the roles of women who sell their bodies for money. So, let’s have a look at some actresses who have chosen to play the role of a prostitute.

1. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

The role as a prostitute in Pretty Woman, earned Julia Roberts the Golden Globe for her performance and an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. In addition, it is a romantic comedy in which Julia Roberts cheers many girls, giving them hope that their dreams can become reality. When love is true, you can skip any bias and social position.

2. Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas

In the romantic drama Leaving Las Vegas, Elisabeth Shue is a hooker with a heart of gold, who is paired with a drunk partner (played by Nicholas Cage). Both actors were Oscar nominees for their performance in the film, but it seems the jury in that year sympathized more with people who drank, rather than with low morals.

3. Catherine Deneuve in Belle de jour

The great lady of French cinema is sophisticated and refined even in the role of a prostitute. Unlike the other films in which women get into prostitution because of financial difficulties, in Luis Buñuel’s film she plays a prostitutes on occasion, specifically a woman who has almost everything she wants including a husband whom she loves, but she needs to live fantasies with unknown male. The role earned her a BAFTA nomination for Best Actress.

4. Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

You can hardly forget the image of little Jodie (she was only 14 years old) in the role of a teen prostitute in Taxi Driver. With that big, round hat, shorts and shirt knotted above the nave, and with a naïve smile. The role earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

5. Jane Fonda in Klute

In 1971, Jane Fonda proved that you put your heart into what you do, the role of the prostitute can bring an Oscar. She is Bree Daniels, a prostitute who helps a detective to shed light in the case of a mysterious disappearances. The film is directed by Alan J. Pakula, and with her appear Donald Sutherland and Roy Scheider.

6. Charlize Theron in Monster

Beautiful Charlize has outdone herself in this role. Not only she is unrecognizable, but her role is as difficult as it is hard to imagine that there might have been something like this in reality: she is a prostitute, a lesbian and a killer too. No wonder she got an Oscar for the role.

7. Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me

Jessica is a prostitute who gets literally trampled by a pervert cop played by Casey Affleck. The interpretation did not bring too many good things and even brought her a nomination for worst actress. Too bad for Michael Winterbottom.

8. Mira Sorvino in Mighty Aphrodite

Another role of a prostitute … rewarded with an Oscar. The film, directed by Woody Allen, is a fantastical comedy about a family that adopts a boy genius and have a surprise when they try to discover who his real parents are. The boy’s mother is Judy Cum, a porn actress.

9. Kim Basinger in LA Confidential

Kim Basinger was fortunate to be cast in one of the hottest films noir of the 90s, starring a luxury prostitute imitated Veronika Lake. She did very well and even received an Oscar for the role.

10. Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is an Australian film that I watched recently and that gave me the idea for this article. Emily Browning’s naked about 90% of the time in a movie in which she plays the role of a teen who gets sleepy after men have had their way with her.

11. Melanie Griffth in Milk Money

Melanie is V, a prostitute with a heart of gold, who is in this line of work because she had no other opportunities. But she meets three nice kids who want to set her up with the widowed father of one of them, and everything turns from drama to comedy.

12. Theresa Russell in Whore

Finally a movie title that does not hide behind metaphors and gives everything away. Ken Russell turned Theresa Russell into a vulgar prostitute whose life is analyzed in detail in a pseudo- r-rated documentary.