Artists with Most Profitable Tours in 2013

This year was not devoid of music tours, from Madonna to Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, all the artists who released an album or a new songs, toured the world. Since 2013 is almost over, here are 10 most successful artists on tour in 2013.

1. Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi released the album What About Now that received mostly negative criticism from people in the industry, accusing lyrics full of platitudes that sounds more like a sum of encouragements. Even so, Bon Jovi managed to have the bestselling tour of the year:

Total: $ 205,158,370
Number of viewers: 2.178.170
Number of shows: 90
Number of sold out performances: 90

2. Pink

Pink came up with a new album last year, but the big number of shows came later this year. Hits like Just Give Me a Reason, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) or True Love and the shows that the artists puts on stage were the reasons why the public come to her concerts.

Total: $ 147,947,543
Number of viewers: 1.581.939
Number of shows: 114
Number of sold out shows: 111

3. Rihanna

Rihanna did not come with a new release this year, but he Unapologetic tour took her across the world. Now we can listen to her super collaboration with Eminem, The Monster, a track that has a chance to reach the success of Love the Way You Lie.

Total: $ 137,982,530
Number of viewers: 1.595.161
Number of shows: 87
Number of old out performances: 84

4. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have had far fewer performances than other artists who made the list, yet in terms of money, they hit it big.

Total: $ 126,182,391
Number of viewers: 326.998
Number of shows: 23
Number of sold out performances: 23

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift continued to promote her album Red in 2012 and during a concert she filmed the video for The Last Time, featuring the singer who performed with Snow Patrol. Pretty awesome.

Total: $ 115,379,331
Number of viewers: 1.363.510
Number of shows: 66
Number of sold out performances: 66

6. Beyonce

Beyonce toured the entire world to launch her new disc. 2014 seem to be as booked as 2013 in terms of concerts and it will surely be one of the most important tours of the year, given the huge interest that Beyonce album had.

Total: $ 104,358,899
Number of viewers: 883.062
Number of shows: 59
Number of sold out performances: 40

7. Depeche Mode

Although their tour in 2013 didn’t manage to raise the same interest as previous similar performances, Depeche Mode still managed to enter the list of best music tours in 2013..

Total: $ 99,972,733
Number of viewers: 1.390.141
Number of shows: 54
Number of sold out performances: 51

8. Roger Waters

Roger Waters was, by far, one of the best showcases that arrived in many European countries, despite the controversy that followed the former leader of Pink Floyd.

Total: $ 81,305,650
Number of viewers: 830.123
Number of shows: 27
Number of sold out performances: 0

9. One Direction

One Direction are the sensation of this period of music and shows and, once again, proved that Simon Cowell has a very good hand in choosing projects to promote and in what style to do so.
Total: $ 78,311,383
Number of viewers: 1.223.144
Number of shows: 81
Number of sold out performances: 43

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber ticked many things this year from the separation with Selena Gomez, to a few incidents with the media, some unpleasant moments on stage (when either due to fatigue or because of the food, he vomited, or the spectators threw bottles at him), to the release of a new album just before Christmas. Recently, he even declared that he was quitting music. Lots of drama in Bieber’s life.

Total: $ 77,423,264
Number of viewers: 959.886
Number of shows: 65
Number of sold out performances: 55