bathroom decorating ideas

If you are planning to refurbish or just freshen up your bathroom design, here are ten amazing bathroom decorating ideas. Design has always been part of our lives, even though some people choose to ignore it. Your house should be a reflection of yourself so it is always important to try and use your own touch when it comes to interior décor rather than just use someone else’s ideas.

However, if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, here are some bathroom decoration ideas, pictures included.

10. Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

Even though you might not have as much space available in your bathroom, that doesn’t mean you cannot make the most out of it. Choose a light and warm color on your walls and always use a shelf or shelves for your towels, to put all of your available space to some good use. Decorate a wall by either hanging a painting on it or by using stickers.

9. Beach Inspired Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms

bathroom decorating ideas

If you want to feel like walking on the sea shore every time you enter your bathroom, just choose some beach inspired bathroom décor ideas. This design is particularly great because it allows you to get as creative as you want and it works perfect for small bathrooms. Just place a DIY mirror frame and a couple of seashell in certain spots of your bathroom and you will never want to leave it ever again. Use shades of white and blue for the color of the walls.

8. French Decorating Bathroom Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

No nation is as classy and elegant as the French nation, so why not borrow a bit of their elegance and use it in your bathroom? Place a curtain on the window, choose a vintage bath tub and a small table as a sink countertop and you’ve got yourself a French inspired bathroom décor. As well as the other two bathroom decorating ideas, this design also works great with small bathrooms.

7. Country Decorating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom decorating ideas

Classic, fairly cheap and unique – that is the description for a bathroom decorated in country style. Use an old wooden bath tub and/or a shower head and a simple stool as a towel holder. The end result will be beautiful.

6. Tuscan Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

Tuscan designs cannot actually be considered as small bathroom decorating ideas. Opulence and vanity are two of the words associated with Tuscan design, so if you want to use this design as an inspiration for decorating your bathroom, you have to put quite a lot of effort into it.

Every detail has to be perfect and you will be able to feel like you have your own spa at home, but there is no place for this piece of art in a tiny bathroom. The Tuscan design is also not on the list of bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.

5. Vintage Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

A classic white sink with a classic white bath tub will make everything else present in your bathroom, stand out. Use vintage mirrors and either vintage photographs or old postcards as decorations for your bathroom walls and amaze your guest.

4. Modern Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

Modern is often linked to minimalism. Nowadays, we have really started to believe that less is actually more. For a modern take on your bathroom, use clean lines and minimalistic design. Designing a modern bathroom interior can be easy, but it will probably cost you quite enough money. In terms of colors, black and white are the classics.

3. Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

The first think you have to think about when it comes to rustic design in your bathroom is if you have wood to use for pretty much everything. Cover your walls and floor in wood and enjoy your new rustic bathroom!

2. Vibrant Colors in Your Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideasIf you want your master bathroom to stun the people walking in it, use vibrant color on the walls and bathroom supplies. Pink or yellow are the best color choices if you want your bathroom to stand out.

1. Kids’ Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

Everything has to be perfect when it comes to your little bundle of joy, even the bathroom decorations. Use as many cute colors as possible and make something as simple as going to the bathroom, an amazing experience for any kid.

For more bathroom decoration ideas and images, for either small or big bathrooms you can always check out Pinterest. When it comes to bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, your best choice is to try to reuse old furniture and appliances and just offer them a makeover.

The simplest way to freshen up your old design is by using more color!