Awesome Vacation Destinations for 2018

It may seem too much, but when you have a dream and want to achieve it, then start making plans early. Here are some of the hottest vacation destinations for 2018.

1. Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

Host of the first Winter Olympics in 1924, Chamonix is fighting for the title of “most famous ski resort in the world”. It lies at the foot of Mont-Blanc and it is the highest peak in the Alps and the second highest in Europe (4810 meters). The resort is famous for the skiing altitude difference of 2,800 meters and one of the longest ski trails – Vallée Blanche (22 km).

2. Mesoamerican Reef, Belize

A country covered in forests 70%. Beaches, a barrier reef, biodiversity, a quiet and relaxing holiday dedicated to lovers of nature. Because Belize is one of the top ecotourism destinations in the world that devotes the largest percentage of its land resources. Nature, water and energy are so well preserved in the middle of Central America, that, in 2001, over 40% of Belize have been declared protected areas. If you want a green experience, we invite you to paradise where wildlife, beaches and the Mesoamerican Reef have entered the Belize culture.

3. Taiwan

Taiwan certainly has much to offer to visitors, from truly unique scenery, sporting events and colorful festivals, without mentioning the widest Chinese cuisine in the world. Hotels and trendy bars are growing in number, culminating with the opening of the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101.

4. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Ruaha National Park has recently been expanded to become the largest park in Tanzania. A distant bastion of wild life and landscapes. The name is given by the Ruaha River, which crosses it from south to north-east and creates spectacular gorges in some places. The river houses hippos, crocodiles, turtles and fish, boat trips offering the alternative to traditional safari. In some areas, along the river there were built special platforms to photograph wildlife. The park is known for the sable and roan antelopes, but also for the 420 of flying species. Herds of elephants, wild buffaloes cross over 40,000 km ² of the park.

5. The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands include the Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and are located in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and north west of Jamaica. The island territory is a major offshore financial center in the Caribbean. In essence, the islands represent the tip of a submerged volcanic chain and are surrounded by coral reefs and an exotic landscape.

6. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is not only attractive destination in Brazil. One of the most luxurious destinations is Bahia. There you can meet a multitude of cultures and it is a perfect place for shopping.


7. Alaska Cruise

Wilderness means Alaska! Crabs, eagles, octopus and whales are common. In the calm and protected waters, you will notice the amazing life of fishermen. You will assist in the process of catching crabs and you will have the unique opportunity to witness the spectacle of marine life right off the deck. This is an interactive and educational experience, full of stories and adventures.

8. Salzburg, Austria

Excellent quality slopes with snow, glaciers allowing the snow, safe fun. Austria is a paradise for winter sport enthusiasts. On snowboards or skis, beginner or experienced skier, a skiing holiday in Austria offers everything you hoped it would.

9. Yellowstone National Park, Montana

An important characteristic of Yellowstone National Park is its geothermal activity, manifested by geysers, natural pools with thermal water, springs, fumarole, pits, mud volcanoes. The thermal manifestations are grouped in major basins: Upper, Midway, Lower, Norris, West Thumb, Shoshone and Heart Lake. There are over 10,000 geothermal events manifested in the area, of which about 500 are geysers. A very special experience is tracking their spectacular eruptions.

10. Toronto, Canada

Toronto today is a lively and culturally focused, with hot summers and cold winters. It is the largest city in Canada, economically speaking, a center for finance, media services and it hosts more corporations than any other city.

At night, the locals and tourists have at their disposal restaurants, bars and clubs, operas and theaters. Above all, however, the city is characterized by the locals: friendly, efficient and multi–cultural.