Basic Secrets in Using Makeup

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Behind the picture perfect celebrity makeup there are many secrets discovered over time by professionals. Every woman careful with her outside appearance and using cosmetic makeup products should know the basic rules for using makeup.

So, here are ten basic secrets in using makeup.

1. Choosing foundation

A major mistake women everywhere make is not choosing the right foundation for its own attributes, sentencing themselves to an unnatural makeup. When you purchase such a product, you must keep in mind two basic: ingredients and shade.

If you have a dry and sensitive skin, it is best to opt for oil based products, which intensely moisturize the face and leave no traces after drying. If you have oily skin, you should avoid tinted oil-based or other fatty substances and opt for those that are based on water and have mattifying ingredients.

In terms of shade, the foundation you choose should not be more than one tone darker or lighter than your natural color. Check your foundation shade in the natural light.

2. Preparing face for makeup application

The cosmetics market has been enriched with two very useful makeup products: base makeup for face and base makeup for eyes (also called primer). These creams, lotions or gels are designed to form a thin film on the skin surface so that makeup is applied better and lasts longer. They also cover fine lines.

Apply a thin layer on the skin and eyelid before using foundation and eye shadow. You will see the difference!

3. Right eye contour

If you want your eyes to stand out, that means it is necessary to use a pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner. The liquid versions last longer, but their application is a very difficult task for less dexterous ladies. But here is a trick recommended by makeup artists who never fails: after applying the makeup base on the eyelids, made an eyelid contour with a regular pencil, then traced the line with a layer of ink. The outline will be more easily achieved.

4. Define eyes

Eyes accentuated with black eyeliner are attractive, but intense contour of the upper eyelid and lower eyelid can give a too harsh gaze. A solution to this is to use a brown eyeliner to define the lower eyelid, a gentler shade.

5. Arching eyelashes

The form of the eyelashes is also very important in makeup. If you want to get a perfect arching, heat the eyelash tongs with the hot air of the hair dryer or under running warm water prior to use. The eyelashes will curve better and will last so much longer.

6. Emphasizing eyebrows

Eyebrows radically change the physiognomy of the face, so makeup specialists use various methods for this. Using a definition eyebrow pencil is very popular, although if used excessively, it can give an unnatural appearance.

For this reason, it is recommended to use a powder formula that discreetly fills empty spaces and keeps the natural charm of the eyebrows. The shade of the powder is also very important, as your eyebrows are a little lighter than your hair.

7. Apply bronzing powder

Bronzing powder gives the face a special glow and is very useful in sculpting the facial features. But how is it applied remains essential: in Hollywood, makeup artists apply it by using a brush around the perimeter of the face, then at the points where the sun’s rays reach the face, on the forehead, nose and chin.

8. Choosing concealer

Dark circles influence facial appearance, so it is important for them to be covered by a concealer. Its shade must be a tone lighter than your skin to achieve a uniform and more natural makeup.

9. Applying blush

The number of women who apply a blush incorrectly is very large, say experts in beauty. The role of this beauty product is to give a perfect shaped face.

To avoid an application error, smile while applying blush, take a brush and stroke the area between the years and the mouth, where you now have a dimple formed. In this way, you create the illusion of a younger and more supple face.

10. Choosing lipstick

Whatever colors are fashionable in a particular season, it is essential to keep in mind the physiognomy when choosing a color of lipstick. In general, dark tones of this product make thin lips look thinner and shades of purple tint accentuates yellow teeth.