lupita nyongo hairtyle oscars 2014

As we all know, the Oscars are not only for the movies. The red carpet is also where trends start. From clothes and hairstyle to make up and jewelry, the movie stars have it all. Some do it in utter style while others seem to have come to the wrong party wearing inappropriate items. Fashion critics are often unforgiving with the boys and the girls at the Oscars gala. The fashion police then makes tops and lists of the best and worst dressed celebrities. We don’t always agree but sometimes they’re right. From straight to curly, up or down, short or long, we really had where to choose from. Some of them were simple and stylish while other were sophisticated and glamorous. Today we want to share with you 10 best and worst hairstyles at the Oscars 2014.

10. Liza Minelli – Worst

liza minelli hairtyle oscars 2014

We adore Liza Minelli but at this year’s Oscars the hairstyle was not among our favorites. That electric blue strand of hair was kind of too 90’s for us and it didn’t really compliment her outfit (unfortunately there was nothing to compliment – was it just us or it looked like a fancy pajamas?). It was a combination of two different styles that didn’t really clash. The simple black hairdo would have been much more appreciated.

9. Jennifer Lawrence – Worst

jennifer lawrence hairtyle oscars 2014

The 23-year-old actress didn’t quite choose her best hairstyle to date. It had that “First Lady” look that made her look a lot older that she is. At her age she can always go for a more playful type of hairstyle. With all that said, we still think she’s a very cool gal. Tripping or not tripping at the Oscars.

8. Kristen Bell – Worst

kristen bell hairtyle oscars 2014

Again, the 90’s are back. And not exactly in the best way possible. Kristen’s low bun made her look like she was a bridesmaid or something. And those two strands of hair hanging in front of her face didn’t help either. Next time she should stick to a classic bun if she really wants a bun. We loved the jewelry though.

7. Lady Gaga – Worst

lady gaga hairtyle oscars 2014

We didn’t exactly dislike Gaga’s hairstyle. It’s just that the wig line was very visible. Next time she should do a better job to hide it so that the false hairline won’t be as striking so that we can’t concentrate on the hairdo.

6. Jared Leto – Best

jared leto hairtyle oscars 2014

Now here’s a man who can wear his hair down. Oscar winner Jared Leto looked very handsome (and by handsome we mean extremely hot) with his long rocker-style hair. It looked somewhat messy but in a very cool way. Sort of like a rocker Jesus. Congratulations for your best supporting actor award!

5. Margot Robbie – Best

margot robbie hairtyle oscars 2014

What a pleasant surprise it was to see “The wolf of Wall Street” starlet with her new hair color. That chocolate brown really brings out her beautiful green eyes and that 40’s wavy locks made her look like a really sexy siren.

4. Amy Adams – Best

amy adams hairtyle oscars 2014

Amy chose a sleek hairstyle that matched perfectly her sophisticated dress. She looked lovely from head to toes and we really dig the playful earrings.

3. Olivia White – Best

olivia white hairtyle oscars 2014

We really loved what the beautiful young actress did to her hair. The intentional elegant messy updo was a perfect match for her simple black outfit. The hairdo framed her face perfectly and those teardrop shaped earrings were the best accessory to complete her Olivia’s look. We give her a 10.

2. Naomi Watts – Best and Worst Hairstyles at the Oscars 2014 – Best

naomi watts hairtyle oscars 2014

There’s nothing to reproach about Naomi’s look at the Oscars 2014. She always manages to look gorgeous and this time she appeared with a straight, sleek hairstyle.

1.Lupita Nyong’o – Best

lupita nyongo hairtyle oscars 2014

This year’s revelation was young actress Lupita Nyong’o. Not only did she win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years A Slave, but she also looked stunning on the red carpet. We just loved her short hair and that metallic headband.

Other celebrity hairstyles worth mentioning are:

Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson.

This was our list of best and worst hairstyles at the Oscars 2014. Who were your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section.