Best Apps for Your IPhone 5

One of the great benefits of an iPhone 5 smartphone is the rich offer of apps, games and programs you can find in the AppStore. However, this diversity makes discovering really useful and well-designed applications to be difficult for most users, especially when purchasing an iPhone for the first time. Therefore, we decided to come to you for help with some of the most important programs that exist in the AppStore universe. We focused on free apps, some games, but also some extra cost applications.

1. Evernote

This is one of the first apps you should install on the iPhone, as it enables you to write various notes, record audio or save certain places on the map, playing the role of a very stylish graphic organizer. Obviously, you can synchronize mobile app versions for other gadgets or desktop account to be up to date with what to do.

2. Wikipanion

If one of your main sources of documentation is Wikipedia, you will definitely appreciate Wikipanion. We’re talking about an application that allows you to read articles on Wikipedia in an intuitive format suitable phone resolution, plus some interesting options such as changing the font or saving images.

3. Flipboard

If you want to quickly stay in touch with the latest news from a wide range of topics, Flipboard is one of the most elegant choices as it groups information in the form of magazine images and visual content. In addition, the application allows you to integrate Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you do not need special dedicated applications for them.

4. Dropbox

In a time where we have several files on a wide range of gadgets, an application to collate all of them in a cloud is essential. Here, Dropbox is by far the richest in options that allows you to easily access any file stored in the cloud and even automatically upload photos and videos taken with your camcorder. In addition, many applications have integrated Dropbox Share in function.

5. Asphalt 7 Heat (0.99 USD)

The Asphalt series of games is one of the most popular on mobile platforms and in the latest version you have the ability to drive over 60 machines of some famous manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin. Circuits are fictional and are located in different famous cities of the world and the game features multiplayer mode.

6. Mirror’s Edge (0.99 USD)

Mirror’s Edge puts you in the shoes of a player trying to fight surveillance system so that authorities know what people do. The main attractions are running, jumping and climbing, which you must do to achieve your ultimate goals.

7. ThinkerBox

This is a puzzle game in which you must build various machines and tools based on real physical concepts. It is especially dedicated to those who want to learn something useful, not only to entertain and the number of levels is large enough to stay plugged in longer.

8. Infinity Blade 2 (2.99 USD)

Considered one of the best games for iPhone, Infinity Blade 2 puts you in the shoes of a character involved in a fantastic adventure in which you must fight against the Titans. As the name suggests, the main weapon in the game is the sword.

9. WhatsApp Messenger (0.99 USD)

As the owner of the iPhone 5, you can use iMessage to talk for free with other friends who have iOS gadgets, but what do you do with your friends who have Android? You can use WhatsApp Messenger to send text messages, photos or even videos free to all persons who also have installed the application.

10. AVPlayer (2.99 USD)

This player lets you watch movies in a variety of formats, from MKV to Xvid, including Full HD and supports subtitles. Another advantage is that you can transfer movies via Wi -Fi.

11. Documents To Go (9.99 USD)

An Office document editor should not be missing from a mobile gadget and Documents To Go is one of the top apps for iPad. With it you can edit Word and Excel, but the PowerPoint can only be viewed. There is also support for services like Dropbox or Google Cloud Drive, but you have to pay extra.

12. Camera Plus Pro (1.99 USD)

iPad is not exactly easy to use as a camera, but if you take pictures with it, you can use the Camera Plus Pro app to edit and add various effects and filters that can improve the quality thereof.