garlic recipes

Garlic is a very handy condiment that we fail to use as much as we should. Sometimes we avoid it because it can cause a distinct odor or because of sensitivity of the stomach. Even so, garlic can be used with confidence, if you remove the core, because a large part of its curative properties are maintained.

Many of us have heard that garlic is good for your health. But how good? Did you know that garlic has so many therapeutic and nutritional properties that it can be rightfully be called a miracle food? Here are ten reason why you should consume more garlic.

1. Garlic is the most powerful known natural antibiotic as pure food

In the presence of its juice, germs of colds, flu and viruses have little chance of survival. It fights infection, frees the sinuses, bronchi and lungs. One milligram of garlic has the same power as twenty-five units of penicillin.

2. It is effective against streptococci

Streptococci causing scarlet fever, diphtheria, inflammation of the lining of the heart (rheumatic fever) are destroyed by garlic. Garlic has many important substances. Germanium which has a proven anticancer effect, is part of them. In fact, garlic is one of the richest sources of organic germanium and selenium (vital in preventing heart disease and several forms of cancer). Garlic contains ajoene which dilutes the blood, thus preventing potentially dangerous clots. Garlic has over one hundred known sulfur compounds. These compounds help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, banish asthma and bronchitis, improve circulation and heart function, prevent cancer and help the body get rid of dangerous toxins.

3. Eating garlic can help prevent arterial disease

Medical tests have shown that root with spicy flavor has a very significant protective action in limiting the effects of blood coagulation with high levels of cholesterol.

4. Lowers blood pressure

It is said that hundreds of doctors have found garlic to be the safest and most reliable way to combat hypertension. No one knows exactly why. Some doctors believe that garlic dilates the arteries, lowering pressure. Others cite its power to remove infections of various kinds and, therefore, reduce high blood pressure.

5. Garlic is a adjuvant food in diabetes

Garlic does not cure diabetes and should not be used without the doctor’s permission. But the evidence shows that it can be a useful way to lower blood sugar and thus control the disease.

6. Garlic rejuvenates the liver

The main value of garlic in helping the liver consists in its power to detoxify by removing putrefactive bacteria in the intestines and thus helping the liver rest. It is a proven stimulant of gastric juices and helps in stimulating and enhancing blood flow through the liver. If garlic is not tolerated, the cause can be a deficiency of digestive organs – especially the liver.

7. Biblical dietary cure for diseases of the stomach

Taken regularly, garlic can cure diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is known that the allicin in garlic stimulates the walls of the stomach and intestines to secrete digestive enzymes. But the garlic taken by people suffering from such conditions must be diluted or mixed with other foods. An excellent way to mitigate the effects of garlic is by cooking it, or combining it with eggs and milk. However, garlic does not even need to be eaten. It can be used in poultices or baths for feet and hands, to soothe the stomach. From ancient times until now, garlic has been praised around the world for eliminating gas, stomach cramps and symptoms of inflammation.

8. Garlic is a powerful aid in constipation

People who suffer from constipation can find their cure by regularly eating moderate amounts of garlic, mixed with onion, milk or yogurt.

9. An exceptionally effective food in the nose and throat problems

Garlic is long known as an antiseptic miracle in cases involving infections in eye, ear, nose and throat. If you take a clove of garlic in your mouth at the beginning of a cold and hold it between the teeth and the cheek, the cold will be gone in a few hours or at most one day. It will not sting at all, if you do not chew it. Just scrape it with your teeth, occasionally, to release a little juice.

10. Garlic helps a lot in female genital problems

Flushing? Try garlic. Depression? Put a little garlic in the salad. Irritability, anxiety, nausea, headaches, fatigue or nervousness, bloating, swelling of extremities, dizziness, blurred vision, swollen and painful breast, cramps, anemia, thyroid problems – all are resolved with garlic.

Do you eat garlic on a regular basis?