jessica pare emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Everyone is still talking about the Emmys 2014. After discussing the winners for best TV drama, comedy, actress, actor and all the shebang we turned our little eye towards what the stars wore on the red carpet. We gave you yesterday a list of the best dresses at the Emmys 2014. It was hard to choose because plenty of divas looked stunning but in the end we only picked our very favorite ones. And because a splendid dress is nothing without a lovely hairdo, here are the best hairstyles at the Emmys 2014.

10. January Jones

january jones emmy 2014 best hairstyle

We love it how January always experiments with her look. For the 2014 Emmy awards she went for a confident look with a lovely red dress, styled with symmetrical twists. Her textured tress hairstyle matched perfectly her black liner, red lipstick and pale skin. Very well done January.

9. Sarah Hyland

sarah hyland emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Sarah managed to look super cute with her very big ballerina bun and a chic smoky eye makeup. Sarah made it on every fashion list for her superb gown as well. She kept things simple, she kept things very elegant.

8. Lena Dunham – Best Hairstyles at the Emmys 2014

lena dunham emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Lena showed her new platinum bowl-bob for the first time and went for jet black eyeliner. We just love this boyish-Joan of Arc look and it really fits Lena.

7. Zooey Deschanel

zooey deschanel emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Zooey went for some quirky 70s curls and centre parting separating her fringe. It was retro yet modern and we love these two styles combined.

6. Hayden Panettiere

hayden panettiere emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Hayden literally glowed on the red carpet in her metallic gown. We loved her disheveled up-do which she framed with a dazzling head band. Head band are really the new thing in head accessories at the moment, have you noticed? And the best thing about them is that you can match them in with different styles. And they come in so many styles.

5. Kate Mara

kate mara emmy 2014 best hairstyle

We love how Kate always has good hairdos and this time, at the Emmys she chose to do a versatile bob with some sassy, mussed up texture. Her white gown didn’t let us down either. Kate really knows how to wear everything she puts on and that’s the most difficult thing.

4. Christina Hendricks – Best Hairstyles at the Emmys 2014

christina hendricks emmy 2014 best hairstyle

The ever gorgeous Christina Hendricks had longer locks which looked amazing with its duel texture. The sleek roots made way to those wild waves which she tucked behind her ears allowing us to marvel at her exquisite ear jewelry. Again, Christina managed to look amazing, because whatever she wears, that beautiful face and that voluptuous body will look great no matter the clothes, the hair or the makeup.

3. Sofia Vergara

sofia vergara emmy 2014 best hairstyle

Ladies and gentlemen, the star of the red carpet, Sofia Vergara. She amazed everyone with her statuesque, mermaid white gown and also with her sleek blow-dry hairstyle. We heard that Sofia asked her Instagram followers to help her decide what hairdo she should have at the 2014 Emmy Awards. Whoever recommended this hairstyle, thumbs up, it looked perfect on her. And we’re sure every fashion blog and magazine agrees with us.

2. Julianna Margulies

julianna margulies emmy 2014 best hairstyle

On our list of best hairstyles at the Emmys 2014 we had to mention Julianna Margulies. She won her third Emmy award for her performance in the great drama series The Good Wife  and she looked stunning on the red carpet. Her hair accessory, the $3 headband blended perfectly with her black hair but added a touch of texture to her style.

1. Jessica Pare – Best Hairstyles at the Emmys 2014

jessica pare emmy 2014 best hairstyle

The Mad Men actress decided to go for a swooped fringe over to one side while the rest of her beautiful mane was tucked into a neat chignon. Her black hair matched perfectly with her soft pink lipstick. And the lipstick went very well with her eye shadow. All in all Jessica looked like a true movie star: glamorous, graceful and extremely hot.


This was our list of Best Hairstyles at the Emmys 2014. Of course, there were many other actresses who had amazing hairstyles and it was very hard to decide who was going to make it on our top favorites but we managed to pull it through. What do you think about these hairdos? Are they inspiring to you? Would you try any of these? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Have a great weekend and see you next time.