Best MP3 Players

The increasing performances of mobile phones, the growth in smartphones sales and the falling prices of the latter really hit the industry of the MP3 players as their sales are decreasing.

However, an MP3 player remains an important gadget for music aficionados as it often provides more advanced options than an integrated mobile phone player nd allows maintaining an acceptable level of autonomy. So here are ten best MP3 players to buy.

1. iPod Shuffle 2GB

The easiest MP3 player available on the market is the iPod Shuffle: no display, no playlist. It is just a square with sides of 3 cm that weighs only 12.5 grams. The operating principle is quite simple: the player runs random songs stored on the internal memory of 2 GB, on the grounds that you like all the songs that you put on it. The battery life is approximately 15 hours.

2. Philips SA5MXX04KF 4GB

Philips is offering an MP3 player which at first seems a simple USB stick. It benefits from the FullSopund technology that improves sound quality and also has a digital FM radio with 30 presets, and on the front there is a button for rapid control of playlists. In addition, it also has the possibility to record. The autonomy of the player is up to 10 hours and 6 minutes of charging gives you enough energy to listen to music for 60 minutes. The weight of the gadget is 22 grams.

3. iPod Nano 16GB

Again from Apple comes another small player, which this time enjoying a display of 2.5″ and a resolution of 240 × 432 pixels which allows running the playlists or specific favorite songs. The weight is only 31 grams and the autonomy is up to 30 hours, enough for a weekend trip to the seaside.

4. Philips SportDot 2GB

Philips comes with another MP3 player, this time dedicated to sports enthusiasts. This gadget weighs only 19 grams and includes an armband with which you can use the MP3 player right from your arm. In addition, it has LED and sound indicators for easy use while running and, like its predecessor, it can benefit from fast charging: 6 minutes for 60 minutes of play.

5. Sony NWZB173FB 4GB

Sony is one of the famous manufacturers of MP3 players because of the Walkman brand and the 4 GB model proposed by the Japanese company have a number of unique features such as bass boost at the push of a button, an equalizer to refine acoustic songs or Zappin, a function which allows a short preview of each piece. In addition, there is an FM radio with 30 presets, voice recorder and LED flashing display.

6. Philips Raga 4GB

If you are looking for an MP3 player with an LCD display, one of the options that you have available is the Philips Raga. This includes the Songbird app that lets you find new songs similar to those you have already stored on the internal memory of 4 GB of the device. Do not miss the other features available on almost any MP3 player from the Dutch producer like FullSound, FM radio and the ability to quickly charge battery that offers a range of up to 15 hours.

7. Sony NWZE383B.CEW 4GB

Another MP3 player offered by Sony under the Walkman branded is the NWZE383B.CEW model receiving and internal memory of 4 GB. It stands out with the classic design and an autonomy up to 30 hours, superior to most of the top models on the market. In addition, the small gadget includes a TFT 1.77″ diagonal display and a resolution of 160 × 128 pixels. The unit weighs 52 grams, more than other MP3 players, but it is small enough to be easily transported.

8. Serioux S51 4GB

The less well-known manufacturer, Serioux, proposes an MP3 player with a less successful design, but that has its share of advantages: in addition to the very low price, the S51 plays MP3 music and videos in AVI format on the 1.5″ diagonal display, it has an FM radio and voice recording function, and to this is added a very high autonomy.

Philips SA3MXX04K

9. Philips SA3MXX04K/02 4GB

If design is very important to you, you can turn to this model from Philips, which does not offer video playback. Instead, the screen resolution of 128 × 64 pixels shows three lines of text to know what song is playing and you get a 13 hours autonomy, either for audio or music you listen on the integrated FM tuner.

10. Philips SoundDot SA4DOT02PN 2GB

Pride yourself with the GoGear Sounddot and get the best from your music with this small MP3 player, round and chic as its name suggests. It is equipped with a built-in clip and has a range of exciting colors. You can wear it with your bag or on clothing or as a matching accessory, ready to be used when needed.