New Year’s Resolution

As the New Year approaches, it is a great opportunity to hit the refresh button and start things over. Although we tend to make a lot of promises to ourselves during this period, most of us fail to achieve the goals set and by the time January finishes we have forgotten everything about resolutions and fresh starts. The most important aspect in establishing resolutions in keeping things realistic. It might not be possible for you to look great in a bikini before summer arrives if you have to lose 30 kilos. However, there are some New Year’s Eve resolutions that you can actually keep. Here are ten of them.

1. Eating more veggies

Making big changes is hard, but making small ones is easier. Instead of telling yourself that you are going to change your dietary habits to the fullest with January 1st, it’s better you make a small change that, in time, may attract more good behaviors. For the New Year, promise yourself that you are going to eat more veggies and try healthy food you have never tried before.

2 Reduce the number of cigarettes

Giving up smoking in the New Year would be great, but let’s face it: if you’ve made this promise before and didn’t keep it, you will probably do the same this time as well. Instead of quitting smoking entirely, promise yourself that you will reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. And yes, it will make a difference.

3. Walk in the park two times per week

Especially in the cold season, we don’t feel like sweating at the gym, but we rather enjoy a nice hot chocolate in front of the fire. If you have never exercised in your life, there is little chance that you will start a rigorous workout routine with the upcoming year. So, let’s meet health living half way: walk in the park two times a week 30 minutes. You can take a friend and even your dog.

4. Start cooking

Food delivery is the best thing in the world for when you are feeling tired and don’t want to step in the kitchen. And it is a great solution. Once in a while. Why? Because although it is very practical, most delivery food contains a lot of calories and fat and you cannot be sure about the source of the food. So, make a habit out of cooking more. Start with a simple Sunday meal and you will see that healthy cooking is easier than you thought. Food delivery will soon be history.

5. Help others

Volunteering takes commitment, but there are several activities that you can have, without them taking much of your time such as: volunteering in a soup kitchen, taking care of a family regularly (talk to your friends and regularly gather clothes and food which you can give to the same family), working with children or animals. The important thing is that you manage to do something for those around you.

6. Read more

Literature can help you express yourself in a lot more ways and it will introduce you to a new universe. Choose a book which you can read every night before you go to bed. Ask your friends for recommendations or check online for ratings. Reading more will make you look at things from a different perspective.

7. Spend more time with your friends

After a long and difficult week at the office, the only thing you want to do is seep in on a Saturday morning and have breakfast in bed. But relationships need effort and your friends will not be at your begging call every time. Establish at least one day a month you can dedicate to your friends and stick to it.

8. Tell others how you feel about them

Having regrets is probably one of the worst things in the world and something we come to regret sooner or later is not telling people how you feel about them. Tell your parents how much they mean to you, tell you sister you lover and make sure your friends know you couldn’t imagine yourself without them. It’s nice to hear the people care for you, even though they show it.

9. Update your resume

Sometimes you eve fail to show potential employees we exist on the map, out of fear that we will not change jobs. Updating your resume is the most important step in finding the job of your dreams.

10. Save money

It’s easy to say money in the New Year: establish a realistic sum of money you can save each month and put it on the side. Make sure you are not making a big sacrifice and that you can live without that sum.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?