Celebrities with Dental Work

For celebrities, image is often more important than talent. In the desire to achieve perfection, many of them have lelt themselves in the hands of specialists to correct “flaws”. This time, we are not talking about those celebrities who have undergone extensive plastic surgery, but about those who chose to correct an important part of their appearance and only one thing could have solved: a trip to the dentist. The results? They speak for themselves.

Here are ten celebrities who have undergone dental work. And a fine work indeed.

1. Tom Cruise

At 51 years old, he is truly one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, but things were not always like this. A teeth whitening and a couple of braces  did wonders for Tom. How else would he be able to land his beautiful ex wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes? Not to mention the fact that a hero always facing impossible missions has to have flawless teeth.

2. Lindsay Lohan

The chaotic lifestyle has made ​​its mark on Lindsey Lohan. He have seen her with bad skin and extra pound, but that wasn’t all. Even her teeth had to suffer. However, with the help of dentists, the star regained her beautiful smile once again. Will she ever go back to her old ways and ruin her teeth? Only time will tell.

3. Miley Cyrus

The evolution of the beloved Hannah Montana in recent years was incredible. From the cute Disney star Hannah Montana, the singer has created a sexy diva image. But in order to have a sexy diva image, she had to do something about her baby teeth, which were only there to remind her that she was once Hannah Montana.

4. Cheryl Cole

Before becoming famous, Cheryl was just a pretty girl with crooked teeth. Thank God she god famous, because now she is a pretty girl with perfect white teeth. Good for her.

5. Victoria Beckham

It’s hard to find pictures of former Posh girl smiling. The reason? The star was always unhappy with her ​​smile. But no wife of David Beckham can have crooked teeth, so she had them corrected. Surprisingly, she is sill reluctant to show her teeth. I guess old habits die hard.

6. Morgan Freeman

The talented actor had some real problems with his teeth a few years ago. Currently, the star has his perfect smile and he is not afraid to show it.

7. Zac Efron

In adolescence, the actor unveiled a cute gap between his front teeth with each smile . Unfortunately, or at least that is what we think, the actor decided to remove his “beauty mark” with the help of a dentist.

8. Cher Lloyd

She impressed the X Factor jury and viewers with her incredible talent, but also with her special features. Shortly after she became famous, Cher turned to a dentist to correct her teeth. And now she is more beautiful than ever.

9. Nicholas Cage

The incredible actor also had problems with his teeth which needed the touch of an experienced dental professional. Currently, the star can boast with a million dollar smile.

10. Celine Dion

In the 80s, the artist’s smile was far from charming. So, Celion Dion didn’t think to much about it and decided to invest in restoring her teeth.