We eat what we see, so the best solution to lose weight is to only see healthy food in the kitchen. If you have easy access to it, is like other foods do not even exist and therefore we do not crave for them. There are several ways you rearrange the kitchen, so you have increasingly more healthy habits.

So let’s have a look at ten easy changes in the kitchen that will help you lose weight without you even knowing it.

1. Clean countertops

Food placed on sight is like a “reminder” that it is there, showing you its availability and that it should be eaten first. Make sure there are no chips or other unhealthy snacks in sight.

2. Buy a fruit bowl

We already know that if food is on the countertop, we are tempted to eat it. So, arrange fruits and vegetables, so they are always at hand.

3. Store food in portions

If you don’t have a plan for leftovers, do not simply put them in the freezer. Divide them into portions of a person so you can defrost exactly the amount you need. If you store all the leftovers at once, not only you will be tempted to eat more, but you might even be forced to throw away perfectly good food.

4. Rearrange your refrigerator

If you have a refrigerator that allows you to put fruits and vegetables on the top shelf, o that so they will be the first thing you see each time you open it.

5. Add to kitchen decor items unrelated to food

A radio or a TV can keep you company while you are preparing the food. Also, books and magazines with recipes are a good way to start in order to unravel the mysteries of cooking right in your home. Nothing is healthier than homemade food. Plus, this way you will not be tempted to grab a snack while you’re waiting for the food to prepare.

6. Invest in a good knife or other kitchen utensils

If you have fun kitchen tools and that perform really well, then it will be much easier to start the whole cooking process. Even if you don’t believe you are good at cooking, you can get better. Read recipes and start with the easy ones. Watch cooking shows and see exactly how everything is done.

7. Cut a few things on the shopping list permanently

Nobody says you should not eat desserts or chips one in a while, but they should not take the place of main meals. The key is balance. Everything is basically allowed, as long as you don’t overdo it. Even seemingly healthy foods, such as dairy produce, can have a negative effect if consumed in large quantities.

8. Eat only in the kitchen

Any other activity that you do at home while you are eating, can give a signal to the brain to continue. The kitchen is just for eating and cooking so make sure these are the only activities that take place here. Try to gather your entire family for lunch and dinner.

9. Eat in smaller plates

The bigger the plate is, the more you will be tempted to eat. So, smaller and frequent portions are better than big and rare ones, because they keep your metabolism going.

10. Buy some bowls

You can put in them fruits and vegetables in any amount and you can store in the refrigerator. Whenever you’re hungry and you feel like a snack, you can use them as a healthy alternative.

As you can see, there are a lot of useful, not to mention easy, tips you can use to lose weight. Drastic diets and going hungry will never work on the long terms (sure, they can make you lose weight fast, but as soon as you start eating normally, there is a big chance you will put back twice the weight you lost). Don’t think about losing weight in terms of diets, but rather as changing your lifestyle and eating habits for the long run. You will probably won’t lose weight as fast as you would with a drastic diet, but small changes will prove to be beneficial for your health and for a very long time.