Christmas Traditions with Kids

Winter holidays are the perfect time to revive family traditions. Whether you decorate the Christmas tree with the kids, whether they go caroling with the relatives, every year try to keep a habit and make special celebrations in your home.

Children will love Christmas and New Year not only because they know that they will receive gift. The traditions they follow in the family will remain over the years. Here are ten Christmas family traditions you should start this year.

1. Cooking with the kids

Most parents don’t like to see the kids in the kitchen while they are cooking, but the little ones enjoy this activity so much. Prepare a special working table for them and let them play with dough and shape cooking however they desire.

2. Listening to carols

Listening to carols even before Christmas arrives is a great way to get into the holiday atmosphere. You will be surprised how members of the family will immediately start singing along their favorite tunes.

3. Watching movies

Usually, people watch only the TV programs stations prepare for Christmas and they are not that good. This year you can try to find some suitable movies, for both kids and adults (usually, animations) and download them in order to entertain the entire family. Just imagine, snuggling on the couch with your kids laughing at the Ice Age adventures.

4. Taking a family photo

Taking each ear a family photo, maybe in the same place, such as near the Christmas tree, can make a great memory when years pass. You can even create a special scrapbook and see how you have all changed over the years.

5. Giving to the needy

This is something your kids should learn from an early age: the importance of sharing what you have with the less fortunate ones. Ask your kids to gather some of the toys they have, the clothes they are no longer wearing and let them experience the joy of giving, the joy of making somebody smile on Christmas.

6. Write a letter to Santa Claus

It is a tradition that you can preserve over the years, even when children no longer believe in him. It will be part of the magic of Christmas and, in addition, it will always reveal their most hidden desires. Make an event of this activity. Choose colorful envelopes and paper and place the letters at the window, where Santa can take them when children sleep quietly.

7. Go caroling

Learn a new carol each year and go with little ones caroling neighbors and relatives. Children will enjoy this tradition and your kids will be happy to give performances in front of the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, and finally to count the gifts they received.

8. Christmas Eve Story

Each year, read the children a Christmas story that reveals the holidays’ magical atmosphere. Whether you choose the story of the birth of Jesus, whether you like modern adventures, children will be happy to hear such stories before going to bed.

9. Switching the holiday lights

No matter what town you are from, Christmas definitely brings a lot of light on your streets. Go every year to see when they kick off the holidays in your town, and if you’re lucky and it snows, you can end things with a good old-fashioned snow fight in the park.

10. Adorn your tree together

Although it seems easier to wait for the kids to sleep and then bring out the decorations, nothing can be more beautiful than the joy of children when placing the decorations in the tree. Choose a special day you can respect every year whether it’s Christmas Eve or the last Saturday before Christmas.

What Christmas traditions does your family have?