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Faced with devastating effects of climate change happening in many parts of our planet , such as raising the seawater level, terrible floods, droughts and natural fires, many human settlements are in danger of disappearing under water or being abandoned due to resource exhaustion.

Although there is a lot of talk about things we can do to take better care of our planet, we are actually its biggest enemies. We consume its resources and nature fights back. So, before you think we can enjoy Earth forever, better think again.

Not only that, but due to the increase of population, some of these cities were built in the wrong place to start with, just to make sure they are big and can generate income, and now they are literally endangering the lives of their citizens.

Here are ten of the most endangered cities in the world today and ten cities you can visit before they could disappear.

1. Dhaka, Bangladesh

A large part of the Bangladesh territory is found in the Ganges Delta, a highly populated area and very exposed to flooding. Heavy monsoon rains and tropical storms are already making many casualties, and the future does not look good, since experts predict devastating phenomena such as the rise of the sea level rise and increased storms.

2. Male, Maldives

The capital of this country occupies a small island, which could very soon disappear, being overrun by the ocean. Former Prime Minister has taken the decision to purchase land in other countries, so that the people of Maldives have somewhere to move. But now this bailout plan is stalled and sea water level continues to rise.

3. New York, New York

Although the city seems a very solid and safe from disasters induced by climate change, Hurricane Sandy showed that, in fact, the huge city of New York is vulnerable: the metro and subways were flooded, electrical transformers exploded and communities in regions near the coast such as Rockaways and Coney Island suffered for months from the disaster. Sea level rise and increased storm intensity may lead to permanent evacuation of some areas of the metropolis.

4. Phoenix, USA

Situated in the desert, in a hot and arid climate, the city is already affected by dust storms and its population of about 1.5 million inhabitants consumes an enormous amount of water. Drought affects water resources, and once this is over, what will happen to the city?

5. Kivalina, USA

The inhabitants of this small town in Alaska could soon become the first ”climate refugees”. The settlement is situated on a long and narrow island, a small portion of land that is reduced from one year to another because of shoreline erosion and rising sea water levels. It is estimated that by 2025, the island could be completely covered by water.

6. Suzhou, China

The city with water channels and beautiful famous gardens could have a very unfortunate fate, since it is placed in a dangerous area: on the lower banks of some rivers bounded by swamps.

7. Tarawa, Kiribati

The territory of this Pacific nation could be one of the first to disappear under water. Its leaders recently asked Australia and New Zealand to welcome the citizens of Kiribati, granting them refugee status. Even the flag of this nation illustrates the fate that awaits: a bird flying over ocean waves, looking for a place to sit.

8. Miami, USA

Like many towns in the southern state of Florida, Miami is situated at an altitude only slightly above sea level, making it prone to flooding. Moreover, this area was, for the most part, a marshland area which was drained to make way for cities.

9. New Orleans, USA

After the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina, what is there to say about this town? Its inhabitants are constantly threatened by severe flooding because much of it lies below sea level.

10. Venice, Italy

Not only is the San Marco square flooded several times a year, but the entire city is sinking slowly: depletion of water resulted in lowering of the soil and of building, as the Adriatic waters rise. People actually say you should visit Venice now, when there is something to visit.