Cool Apps for Couples

Technology has become an increasingly important part of our daily life and it affects not only how we conduct our daily activities, but also our couple relationships. Love has never been easier to share right now when smartphones have taken over power and new apps are born all the time. If Skype is not enough when it comes to intimacy, you are definitely going to like these ten amazing apps for couples. They will make your relationship more interesting.

1. Kissing Test

Kissing Test is a very funny app for couples. If you’re looking for a good time with your partner, ask him to kiss the screen of your phone. The app will tell you how good a kisser it is. It also works when you’ve just started dating and you don’t want to waste a good kiss on someone who doesn’t know what to do. The app is available for both Android and IOS.

2. I’ve never (the adult version)

This childhood game was changed to better fit adults who have intimate relationships. I’ve never used to be a party game and a drinking game. But the version of the application include questions like the following: have you ever went to a party without underwear on? Have you ever kissed a blonde? Have you ever made love with someone and not remember their names? Get ready for some really private questions.


3. 100% Discount Coupons

They are free on iTunes and do not represent an app per se, but the idea was too funny not to be included in our top. In other words, the application provides you with many fonts and designs for coupons and you have to fill in the offer: a romantic dinner for two, breakfast in bed, hot shower together, massage and anything you can think of.

4. Dirty Truth or Dare

Dirty Truth or Dare (Extreme Dare Edition) is a sexy version of the childhood game we all remember. At each turn, the player must choose if he wants to respond (always the truth) to an uncomfortable question or if he wants to be dared into doing something dirty. Questions sound something like: What was your most embarrassing intimate moment? And the challenges sounds like: Flip a coin three times and if you get a certain number, you have to remove a piece of clothing.

5. A Sexulator – Sex Calculator & Calendar

If your boyfriend complains you are not being intimate often enough, you can you prove otherwise with this very funny smartphone app. The calendar can track the number of times you are intimate and what exactly you did and the technology calculates how many times in a month you are in the mood for love or if you spend most of your nights just sleeping.

6. iKamasutra Lite

This cool apps is for those who want to get rid of routine. New positions, organized into nine categories. The application provides graphic examples for a better understanding of the positions, options, positions to be tested etc.

7. Snapchat

Snapchat is a favorite among all couples who like to draw attention to their better half by ending indecent photos. The good part of this application is that both the message and photos sent self-destruct when you touch them. So, there is no evidence they were ever there.

8. Pair

Pair is a social network made specifically for couples. Couples can share messages, videos and photos and there is an area where you can draw your partner. You also have the opportunity to make a list of important things to do. With ThumbKiss, when you put your finger on the screen, you send a virtual kiss to your partner.

9. TheIceBreak

The application helps you to have a good relationship. TheIceBreak has a fun set of questions that you can ask and partners may respond publicly or privately. The idea behind the app is that you get to know each other better.

10. Tokii

Tokii enable your partner to know how you feel. Messages start with “I fell…” or “You make me feel….”, so couples are encouraged to show their emotions. Users can also set their daily state of mind and your partner can comment may leave you a message.

In addition, you have 250 games that you can play with your partner or on your own.