Beauty Apps

One of the most interesting advantages of technology is that it makes our life easier, including the way we look. Did you know that there are several smartphone apps that help you be more beautiful, just like a personal stylist who serves your needs at any time of the day or night?

For inspirational ideas for outfits tailored for every occasions to shades of nail polish that favor you look, practical smartphone apps helps you be more beautiful if you give them space in your phone’s memory.

1. Cloth

The Cloth app is a small genius with excellent organizational skills, which helps you save, categorize, and share with your friends the outfits you adore, by taking a simple picture and saving it in the software. So, you have a precious database of clothing for every occasion and season. Cloth is connected to, from where it takes real-time data about weather, to let you know how you should dress every day.

2. Pose

This application, which is the absolutely favorite of Rachel Zoe, encourages you to photograph your outfits that you are very proud of, label clothing brands and get inspiration from other Pose users. Moreover, you can get credit for your choices and clothing through Likes and comments.

3. Stylebook

If your dressing is not exactly the most organized in the world, your wardrobe Stylebook can be perfectly organized. With this software you can photograph clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry, order them into categories, then do collages with different outfit that you want to try in real life. You can even keep track of clothes worn every day, with a calendar marking software.

4. My UV Alert

Your skin will stay nice and healthy only if you stay away from UV radiation. Cooperton My UV Alert is an application that helps you protect yourself from the negative effects of UV radiation.

Once you identify your location, the program lets you know the weather conditions, calculates the UV index each day, suggests what sunscreen to use depending on the type of skin and lets you know when to reapply the product to be 100 % safe.

5. OPI Nail Studio

You know what shade of nail polish best advantage you skin tone? OPI Nail Studio is a smart application that offers a helping hand in this way: You have a palm of a hand at your disposal, in a variety of skin tones and all colors of nail polish in the world. Select your actual skin tone and manicures available in a virtual format.

6. GoodGuide

Do you to avoid cosmetic products full of harmful chemical ingredients like phthalates and parabens, but you do not always trust the label attached to the packaging? With the GoodGuide app, you can simply photograph the barcode of the product and find out how organic it is.

7. Beautylish

This app is a great resource for quick inspiration with step-by-step tutorials and gorgeous hair, nail and makeup designs. You also have access to the community forums for product reviews and prices. Warning: you can easily get obsessed with this app!

8. Hair Cast

Hair Cast is a sort of hair weather forecast. Just enter your hair type and zip code and this handy app will tell you how your hair will hold up in local weather conditions. It also provides users with customized styling tips. It’s like having a personal weatherman and stylist in your pocket.

9. SpaFinder

If you’re looking for a quick manicure, haircut or massage, SpaFinder will make your life a whole lot easier. Yu can use your current location to track down nearby salons and spas and immediately book appointments. Users also have access to customer reviews, special deals and promotions.

10. Mirror

There is nothing more annoying than running out the door in a rush and do your makeup in the subway using the camera of your phone as a mirror. The Mirror app allows you to choose from different settings, including office and night to get a better sense of how your makeup will look in different lightings.