Gadget to Stay Healthy

Technology affects our lifestyle choices, but perhaps it mostly influences our health. We chose ten gadgets that can change your life for the better if you care about your health.

1. Accu-Chek Performa Nano

Accu-Chek Performa Nano is a medical device easy to use that tells you in five seconds which is your blood sugar level. It has an innovative design, small size and is therefore well suited to active lifestyles. For people with diabetes, it’s a useful gadget with which you can use to self-monitor, thus helping prevent any complications associated with diabetes. The device is equipped with a memory that can hold up to 500 results, custom reminders, bookmarks before and after meals and hypo indicator. Through a sophisticated application called Acc -Chek Smart Pix, the data is downloaded immediately and the doctor can have an overview on the evolution of blood glucose on shorter or longer periods of time.

2. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Optimal weight is not always the best indicator of good health. You can be thin, but have an unhealthy body fat or dangerous pulse. This is when Withings Smart Body Analyzer comes into place: when you weigh yourself, it evaluates more than your weight and transmits data through W –Fi to an application for smartphones, so you can watch what happens to your body and possibly ask for advice from a doctor if there are things that worry you.

3. Fitbit Flex

Do you sleep enough? Do you take enough steps every day? Do you drink enough water? What should you do to be more active? If you want to know the answers to these questions – answers appropriate to you, not anyone in general – track your activity and vital signs with Fitbit Flex, a smart wristband that communicates with your smartphone and tell you what you can do to be healthier.

Attention! This is a gadget for hypochondriacs ! Joke. Or not. It’s a scanner that analyzes your many vital functions – pulse, hemoglobin level , temperature – Do electrocardiogram and you quickly pull a report of urine. See it useful for athletes and people who have good reason to pursue such detailed health condition – a chronic disease , for example – but perhaps not the only fascinated by their body is not useless. It is the results to come under the eye of a doctor who can give an informed diagnosis . No symptoms internet search does not count!

4. Scanadu

It’s a scanner that analyzes many vital functions – pulse, hemoglobin level, temperature – takes an electrocardiogram and it quickly delivers a urine report. It is useful for athletes and people who have good reasons to trace such detailed health condition – a chronic disease, for example – but perhaps even those fascinated by their body will see how useful it is. The results should be seen by a doctor who can give an informed diagnosis.

5. Hapifork

If your problem is that you cannot help yourself to try goodies, Hapifork can help you get rid of cravings. This great fork requires information about the food you want to eat and then tells you how many seconds you can feast on it. After your time is up, it tells you to stop. In this way, you cannot say you did not realize when you finished an entire Nutella jar.

6. I-PPO Menstrual Cycle Tracker

I-PPO Menstrual Cycle Tracker is a gadget designed to help you keep track particularly fertile periods and menstrual cycle in general. With a design that reminds us of a mirror, I-PPO works basically like an electronic agenda, storing and saving your fertile periods.

7. Fitness Evolved Headphones

The New Balance company, best known for athletic shoes, launched the Fitness Evolved headphones. They not only help you to listen to music, but monitor your heart rate and work as a pedometer and stopwatch. Price is $ 99.99.

8. Tinke

Tinke is a small and colorful device that connects directly to the iPhone, monitors heart rate, oxygen level and blood pressure. All information comes from one of the fingers of your hand. The device stores the information on its social network to see your progress over time. Price: $ 100.

9. Basis Band

This product looks like a regular watch, but it’s equipped with sensors, which, in contact with skin, daily monitor heart rate, calories burned, physical activity and sleep-related aspects. The gadget is very light and waterproof.

10. EmWave2

In a society dominated by stress, the HeartMarh company made a business out of analyzing the psychological effects of overwhelming emotions. The company launched the device for created to monitor your heart rate and show how you react to stres.