Cool Online Shops

The online market surpasses borders every day and stylish women everywhere have come to do their shopping only through virtual stores. Unique dresses, skyscraper heels, trendy accessories and sexy lingerie, all you can purchased from the comfort of your home.

Online shopping takes window shopping to another level, recognizing that many women enter these sites to relax. This kind of shopping helps the psyche a lot, especially since you can choose your items, put them in a virtual cart and purchase them from the next paycheck.

With the explosion of sites like Amazon or Ebay, many other online platforms were created to meet the needs of buyers. In addition, some of sites we are about to show you create outfits form head to toe, so you will be able to get inspired and purchase key items to create great looks

The main advantage of virtual shopping is that you can order at any time of the day or night 12 at night, but the disadvantage is that you sometime don’t get the right size or the item itself is not exactly as the one listed on the website.  To avoid such problems, here are some great online shop that always deliver on time.

1. Net- A- Porter

This is one of the most luxurious shops for designer clothes and accessories. From Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Lanvin, the online store is available for all women with style and an unlimited credit card.

2. Mr. Porter

As you can tell from the name, this is the male version of the Net- A- Porter site. If you’re a lady who wants to surprise your partner with well-tailored designer clothes, then you got the right place. In addition, once you have accessed this website, you can also find some interesting articles on the history of the suit or how to wear the latest trends of the season.

3. Asos

A store dedicated to both fashionable sexes and although the prices are acceptable for international shipping it can be a bit pricey. Like most shopping sites, Asos’ own stylists who leave their mark on outfits with clothes that you cannot say you will find in the wardrobe of your enemy.

4. Victoria’s Secret

This shop is no longer a surprise to anyone. Every woman wants at least once in life to receive a gift labeled by the angels.

5. Molecule -F

This is a Romanian virtual shop with clothing created by Romanian designers aiming at being a sort of local Net- A- Porter. For those who are interested in this market, names like Corina Vladescu (Rosin Murphy wears Vladescu), Murmur (Lady Gaga wears Murmur leggings) will ring a bell.

6. Promod

Although many malls have this brand, the European site of this French company is more well equipped and with more attractive prices to all women. If you are looking for stylish and colorful clothes, then this site is perfect especially during sales periods to fulfill your desires.

7. Urban Outfitters

This is an online store for young people (women and men), fashionable urban. Are you tired of standard clothes? Then their clothes will be to your liking. People who launched the brand have not never thought it would become so familiar.

8. Office

If all the sites presented so far did not draw your attention, then know that Office provides an online platform dedicated to shoes. Here you can find shoes for women, children and men, both from companies like Ugg, Hunter, Adidas or Converse, Nike and other brands like Jeffrey Campbell.

9. Coastal Scents

For makeup brushes, bases and color palettes, enter this site. You can create your own makeup palette by simply selecting your favorite colors. Cool, right?

10. Forever21

If you feel like you will be forever 21, then you will love this website with affordable prices and chic clothes.

Which one is your favorite online shop?