DIY_easter basket

There are few days left until Easter and its about time we all start thinking about all the preparations. If you are in lack of ideas for this year’s Easter basket, here are some Easter basket ideas that might help your creativity.

# 1

Paper Bunny Basket


This Easter basket idea is something that will make your kids very happy, and you can ask them to participate in the process of making.
You will need very few things. You will need three paper plates, a stapler, cotton balls, google eyes a black marker, pink paint and of course the goodies you will put inside the basket.

Cut the edges of a plate in a round shape, so you can make the bunny ears. Then, take another plate and cut one edge in a semi-round shape, just like in the picture. Take the staple and staple the piece you have just cut on a paper plate, that will be the back part of the basket.

Staple also the bunny ears on the back of the plate. Make two small holes on the back top sides of the plate, that’s where you will tie the ribbon, that will work as the handle of the basket.

Glue on the google eyes, and the cotton balls as his nose and whiskers and draw the inside of its ears pink. All you have to do is fill the basket with some pink tissue and add the chocolate eggs or whatever you wish to put inside.

# 2

Pink Tutu Basket


If your daughter loves princesses, then this Easter basket idea will make her jump up and down of joy. You will need a dollar store basket(pick a pink one),tulle, ribbon and adhesive rhinestones and work your magic into creating this overly cute princess basket. Your daughter will have the fanciest and most glamorous Easter basket out of all.

# 3

Egg Carton



Here is another Easter basket idea, which is easy and fun to make. You will need your egg carton, so make sure you wont throw it away. First, take an empty egg carton and fill each egg space with goodies, like chocolate eggs, tiny chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies, it all depends on what you want to use. You can use plastic eggs as containers for the candies, or you can just place the candies inside the box.

Close the carton and wrap it just in the middle with a pretty wrapping paper and tie it with a cute ribbon. And there you go, easy breezy and rustic chic.

# 4

Bunny Tale Paper Bag


If you are more into simple things that make a statement, you will surely adore this next Easter basket idea. So, buy medium sized plain paper bags, pink thin wrapping paper and cotton. Add the wrapping paper inside the bag and leave it to be seen on the opening of the bag. Take some glue and cotton and make a nicely round shape to make a bunny tale. Glue the bunny tale on the exterior of the bag, under the handle. And…this is it, simple, stylish and everybody will love it.

# 5

Metallic Gold Eggs Basket


This idea is the perfect decoration and a very posh Easter center piece. To complete this look, you will need, a basket, hay, eggs, a metallic ribbon, golden paint, golden spray paint and a sponge. Color the basket with the sponge and make it gold. Paint spray the hay as well, and set a layer of it inside the basket. After you are done painting the eggs, place them in the basket. For the finish look, add the ribbon on each side of the bottom of the handle, or on just one side, depending on your preferences, and you are done.

# 6

Easter Bunny Ears Goodies Bag



The Easter bunny ears bag is the solution when you have to many Easter baskets to offer and time and money are limited. This is a cheap Easter basket idea that is too cute to handle.

The things you will need are, medium sized paper bags, ribbons, cotton balls, glue, scissors and baby pink paper. Take the paper bag and cut its top in the bunny ears shape, follow the picture and do as you see. Open the bag and unite the front and the back of the ears.

Now, take the pink paper and cut the interior of the ears and glue it on the front of the ears. Glue the cotton ball at the bottom back of the bag, to be the bunny’s tale. Put the sweets inside and wrap it up nicely with the ribbon of your choice. How is that for chic and inexpensive Easter basket idea?

# 7

Mini Easter Basket Favours



Looking to impress your colleagues at work with some Easter favors? Follow this steps and your favors will be reminded for years to come.

You will need some paper cupcake shapes, some thin rope, edible Easter grass and eggs shaped candies. Take a piece of rope and make the handle for you basket.

Then wrap the cupcake shape with rope, all around, to make a basket. Add the edible grass inside the small baskets and put the candies  or the chocolate eggs inside.  Voila! Get ready to make an impression.

# 8

Mikey and Minnie Easter Baskets




Who doesn’t love Mikey and Minnie? The answer is everybody, so why not have them them for Easter?

Your kid will surely like to have a Mickey or Minnie Easter basket with treats. Here is how you can do that. First, you will have to prepare, two wicker baskets, black and red spray paint, painter’s tape, red polka dot ribbon and white and yellow felt. Spray the bottom of the baskets red and the top black.

Cut small circles out of the white felt and glue them on the red part of the basket, that will be Minnie. Cut two oval longer circles out of the yellow felt and glue it on the front of the Mickey basket(see picture).

From the painter’s tape, cut four mousse shaped ears and glue them on the top of the basket handle and glue each side together. Now take the ribbon and make Minnie’s Bow, measure the size it has to be and than just place it on her “head”.

# 9

Glass Jar Easter  Basket


A very quick and easy way to do an interesting and cute Easter basket is to fill a lidded glass jar with chocolate eggs and toys and other goodies.You can decorate the lid with coloured paper or toys, chocolate eggs, it all depends on you imagination.

# 10

Classic & Stylish Easter Basket


You can always go for the classic Easter basket and decorate it as your heart desires. One option would be to choose a white and pastel color range, like soft pink, yellow and purple.

If you really want them to stand out, you can personalise them by putting on each basket the name of the person who will receive it. There are many ways you can do this as there are no limits for creation.

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