10 Easy Tips for a Healthy Relationship

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The best tips for healthy relationship are often just clichés that we hear and read often about, but we only take them into account when we are the ones in need for some efficient relationship advice.

You’ve probably heard this before, but the most important element of a successful couple relationships is communication, but the success of a relationship depends on the willingness of both parties to compromise, because, unfortunately, relationships mean compromise.

Let’s talk about some of the most efficient and easy relationship tips, verified and confirmed, with a high success rate.

tips for healthy relationships

1. Manners

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Even if they are sometimes considered over rated, a simple “Please”, “Thank you” and “With pleasure” can get you a long way and should a consistent part in the communication between partners. Manners show respect and consideration for others so, there is no doubt about it that this should be the way you talk to your partner.

tips for healthy relationships

2. Diversity

Monotony inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and tension in a relationship. Even if the routine is comfortable for both of you, get out of it together and try new experiences. Whether it’s about trying a new recipe or an exciting vacation destination, where you discover new things together, diversity strengthens emotional bonds. Your partner should never stop surprising you.

tips for healthy relationships

3. Common activities

He likes beer, you enjoy soap operas. Even if it is good for each partner to have their own activities, one of the elements of a successful relationship is how you choose to spend time together. If the only fun you are able to have together is lying on the couch, watching TV, it’s time to look together for activities that you will both enjoy. Try sports pottery, cooking classes, workshops, horseback riding… the possibilities are endless.

tips for healthy relationships

4. How you argue

Controversy and contradictory discussion in a relationship can be both productive or damaging Again, the secret is respect, which you shouldn’t forget about even when you have a conflict. If things are heating up, take a break and discuss the subject again after you chill. Always listen to what your partner has to say before you make counterarguments. If both of you want to talk and none of you wants to listen, your relationship is likely to turn into a political talk show.

tips for healthy relationships

5. Compromises

The secret of a successful negotiation is to give up something that you never really wanted. In a relationship, this situation is rarely encountered, but the compromises are a necessity for the health and longevity of your relationship.

If he insists to take you to a soccer game, ask him to go to the theater together in another day. However, you should never look at compromises as a list of pluses and minuses, he didn’t do that, I did this and that. The balance must be kept broadly, but not punctual.

tips for healthy relationships

6. Decisions taken together

In a relationship, when you make decisions you have to keep in mind the needs and desires of your partner. If you focus your efforts together, you can easily solve any problem that, at first, affecting only one of you.

tips for healthy relationships

7. Distance

Even if you love someone with all your heart, you do not have to spend every second with him. Keep your friends and your own personal activities and, occasionally, go out with close friends, but without your partner. Evenings spent away from the loved one will give you the opportunity to miss and appreciate the real value of spending time together.

tips for healthy relationships

8. Perspective

When the person you loves makes a mistake, try to look at things in perspective. If he accidentally destroyed something dear to you, do not dramatize, since this does not solve anything. In the long run, people who choose not to give importance to small grieves are happier.

tips for healthy relationships

9. Common rituals

Whether it is an annual holiday in two or the habit of kissing each other in the morning, couples need rituals because they have a beneficial effect when they are kept with the same interest by both partners.

tips for healthy relationships

10. External aid

Couples who ask for help when they go through difficult problems, have a greater chance to effectively solve those problems. Whether it’s a conversation with a therapist, a counselor or a close friend, if you ask for help together, you are more likely to solve problems together.

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