To stay healthy you just have to follow some rules, some tips given by a specialist and that seems to work. Here’s a collection of health tips resulting from specific studies that we have gathered and prepared for your own good. They are very easy to follow and you will be amazed with the impact they can have on your health state.

Just remember: it takes just a few times practicing them and very soon they will become a very healthy routine.

1. Always count on green tea

Green tea is a traditional drink in China, the country which has a lot of people who are over 100 years old. Researchers at the Medical College of Ohio have proved that due to the high content of antioxidants, green tea inhibits the formation and growth of cancer cells. You can drink it in the morning instead of regular coffee and you will feel energized the entire day.

2. Adopt a cat

Karen Allen, a researcher in medicine at the University of Buffalo (United States), states that a cat acts like a pathogenic buffer, fighting the effects of stress. Therefore, having a cat in the house means lowering blood pressure as well as the risk of heart disease. But I guess that could work with any fuzzy animal which you can love and hold.

3. Eat Chocolate

The prestigious British Medical Journal published a study on 8,000 subjects, demonstrating that those who ate a small amount of chocolate (1-3 tablets per month), had a mortality risk subsided by 36% than in those who did not consume chocolate at all. So, whoever said that chocolate is bad and fattening was very wrong. To maximize the benefits of chocolate you should go for pure dark chocolate, with a lot of cocoa (at least 75%). If you’re worried about the sour taste, you could choose dark chocolate with orange, mint or chili favors. Simply delicious.

4. Do not neglect garlic

After finding a large number of centenarians in Jinshan County, specializing in garlic cultures, Chinese researchers have concluded that it prolongs life. Garlic has the ability to reduce blood pressure. The great part is that you can use it in all types of food. If you’re worried about the smell, some parsley can help.

5. Wash your hands

An impeccable hygiene of hands (four washes per day) allows you to contract 25% fewer colds and 50% fewer gastroenteritis, compared with people who wash their hands once a day. This is something you should teach your kids from an early age.

6. Take a siesta

A team of researchers at Boston University showed that a midday siesta can be make signs of fatigue of the brain disappear and increase memory performance. They also found a 20% improvement in learning ability in people who can sleep at lunch hours.

7. Eat bananas and apples every day

A banana a day has 400 mg of potassium, which reduces by almost 40% the risk of a heart attacks And people who eat an apple a day have a lower risk of developing various heart disease by 30% less than people who do not eat them at all. I guess that’s why they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

8. Do not skip breakfast

People who tend to eat in the morning have 44% less chances to develop obesity, compared to those who do not eat breakfast. If you think you’re not hungry in the morning, try to eat something light, like milk and cereal, and you will see that in a few days you will wake up feeling the need for a good breakfast.

9. Enjoy an anti-aging dessert

Take two handfuls of red fruit (cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.) and sprinkle them with sour milk. Sweeten with honey and you get a real treat of flavonoids, substances that prevent oxidation, which makes cells get older.

10. Replace sugar with honey

A recent study in a hospital in New York has shown that honey has a positive effect on cholesterol and triglycerides. It should be noted that life expectancy from beekeepers is superior to the general population.

Seems that this tips are very easy and could be adopted by anyone. Never thought that staying healthy could be this easy. So start taking care of yourself today!

Do you know any other easy tips for staying healthy? Make sure you leave a comment below.