Easy Ways to Eliminate 500 Calories Every Day

Can you imagine losing a kilo a week just by eliminating 500 calories from your daily diet? Sounds too easy? Well it is. Here are ten ways to eliminate 500 calories every day.

1. Avoid eating in front of the TV

You can get rid of up to 288 calories if you’re not watching TV while eating, says a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts. Instead watching TV an hour, try a walk in the park, with or without a bike and you get to lose up to 527 calories in one day.

2. Skip the salad toppings

Eating a salad instead of any other dish looks healthy, right? But this is not available when you add all kinds of toppings. I know that dressings male the salad most delicious, but they are the ones with the most calories. Think that a salad with a yogurt dressing has more calories than a serving of lasagna. Caramelized walnuts, toasted croutons, candied fruits, bacon and balsamic cream come in the same category. You can cut up to 500 calories if you add one topping and use half the dressing. Worth a try, right?

3. Use smaller plates

Probably not the first time we hear about this trick. In general, when using a large plate, we tend to fill it up though, you fill full after eating just two-thirds of it. If you use a small plate, you will cut your portion by 20-25 %, therefore you avoid up to 500 calories per day without following any diet. Even if you lower the amount of food, you will feel full anyway because, as shown by studies of nutrition, the brain does not distinguish between a small and a big plate, but gets the same information.

4. Remove whipped cream

If you cannot remove it completely, then try using less. Drinks such as a frappe and a cappuccino come to contain 600 calories if you choose the version with whipped cream, milk and chocolate syrup. If you cannot restrain yourself, try an espresso with whipped cream and avoid even 350 calories.

5. First serve and then sit down at the table

Lunch or dinner in the family means a pleasant meeting with the loved ones, but also many kinds of food you have to prepare. We know the script! Especially if you have participated in the meal preparation, you cannot help but eat another portion of that delicious salad or apple pie.
In order to consume fewer calories, I found a trick. Prepare portions for all the guests before they sit down and serve them. Let the bowls and containers of prepared food in the kitchen, so you will not be tempted to add a second or third serving. You cut hundreds of calories without you realizing it.

6. Light cocktails

When you go out, you cannot order at least one cocktail. Be it with syrup, dried fruit, it tastes bitter or is topped with creamy things, turning it into a desert. A cocktail can have even 400 calories. Yes! One! You’re probably wondering what you can do to avoid this. In any case, the alternative is not lemon water! Order drinks containing gin and tonic, fresh currant juice or citrus. At the end of the evening you’ll be able to go around between 600 and 800 calories. There is a difference!

7. Eat less pasta

A normal serving of pasta can have 200 calories, but restaurant portions can reach nearly 1,000. From the parmesan, olive oil (very healthy, but rich in terms of calories), many of the ingredients a chef uses (and in large amounts) adds calories to our food. The first step would be to eat less pasta, replace them with the whole version (rich in fiber). Or you could try eating pasta only at lunch, never at dinner.

8. Choose the mini version of your favorite sweets

Find smaller version of your favorite cakes or cakes that you can enjoy, but be cautious when it comes to calories. Mini tarts would be an option, and if you prefer chocolate cake, pick just one slice of it. Instead of venturing to a large serving of nearly 800 calories, try the small version and you will save at least 450.

9. Rest enough

A University of Chicago study shows that people who sleep around 5 and a half hours per night are more likely to eat more during the day. It has been shown that people who sleep more manage to consume less calories each day.

10. Avoid carbonated drinks

A glass of carbonated juice has about 200 calories. If you drink two or three glasses, you will absorb a noticeable amount of calories. Consume mineral water instead of sodas and save at least 600 calories.