bryan cranston julia louis dreyfus kiss best emmy moments

The 2014 Emmy Awards came and went. There were some great moments and there were some less inspired ones, as it is with any awards ceremony. Today we’re going to focus on the best things that happened at the Emmys in 2018. The Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus kiss has already gone viral and no one really expected that (especially since both actors are married). Another heartfelt moment was Billy Crystal’s speech remembering the late Robin Williams. These precious moments make any awards festivities a delight so let’s look at the Emmy 2014 best moments. Enjoy.

7. Jimmy Kimmel Joking About Matthew McConaughey

jimmy kimmel best emmy moments

The famous talk show host started his number saying “Is that Matthew McConaughey right there? You got so fat since the Oscars!” This was just the beginning. Kimmel then accused McConaughey for selling his TV to buy marijuana. He then appreciated his good looks calling him a “beautiful son of a bitch”. Also, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of McConaughey’s success saying “”All right, all right, all right already! Should we give you the BET award for Male Hip-Hop Artist too, while we’re at it?” We found Jimmy Kimmel’s speech to be really witty and funny so we’ve included it in our Emmys 2014 Best Moments.

6. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey

woody harrelson matthew mcconaughey best emmy moments

Our favorite couple from our favorite TV series, True Detective, came to present the award for Best Actor in a TV series. They were both dressed similarly as the leads in “Night at the Roxbury” and had some pretty good gags. Matthew shared with the audience how Woody deals with inner conflicts and matters of the soul saying that Woody “just forgets about it”. Then Woody made a reference to the fact that Nic Pizzolatto, the creator and the writer of True Detective was being accused of plagiarism and said to Matthew “I’m just glad you got all the plagiarized lines.” There was an awkward moment there and Matthew said that “maybe it was too much of an inside joke.”

5. Sarah Silverman’s Speech and Red Carpet Confession

sarah silverman best emmy moments

We just love Sarah Silverman. She’s funny, smart and controversial, the best ingredients that make a stand-up comedian…well…funny. While chatting with a correspondent from E! on the red carpet Sarah said that she had a lot of “liquid pot” in her handbag in her serious voice. She probably wasn’t joking. When receiving the award for Best Variety Special here opening speech line was “Thank you to my Jews at CAA, Larry, Moe, Curly…” Enough said.

4. Aaron Paul Accepting the Award for Best Supporting Actor

aaron paul best emmy moments

Aaron Paul has done a fantastic job in Breaking Bad. We remember seeing him for the first time in a Korn video on MTV a while back and thought…what a hot young dude. We know think of him as a hot talented dude. Aaron thanked all his colleagues from Breaking Bad and mentioned his wife’s anti-bullying campaign called Kind Campaign. We really miss Aaron and hope to see him in many great TV series and movies.

3. Ryan Murphy’s Speech Accepting The Award For The Normal Heart

ryan murphy best emmy moments

We loved The Normal Heart. It was the best TV movie of 2018 and it is about the beginning of  AIDS in the United States and how a few people struggled to make it public that it was an epidemic killing hundreds of people every week. The director of The Normal Heart, Ryan Murphy gave an inspiring speech telling young people to “Find a cause that you will fight for, that you will die for.” The writer of The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer who is HIV positive was also on the stage.

2. The Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Unexpected Smooching

bryan cranston julia louis dreyfus kiss best emmy moments

One of Emmy’s 2014 best moments was when the Breaking Bad star kissed the Seinfeld icon. Bryan Cranston played a role in Seinfeld a while back and Julia pretended that she doesn’t remember him. So Bryan had to remind her by grabbing and giving her a seconds-long make out. Good thing Jimmy Kimmel came between them or otherwise who knows where this would gone? And they were on live TV.

1. Billy Crystal’s Speech Remembering Robin Williams

billy crystal speech best emmy moments

Another great moment at the 2014 Emmy Awards was Billy Crystal’s speech about his good friend, the late Robin Williams. He opened his speech saying “He  made us laugh”. He continued with an anecdote about Robin Williams when he pretended to be a Russian baseball player and said “We only have one team: the Reds.”

This was what we considered to be the Emmys 2014 best moments. Did you watch the ceremony? What were your favorite moments?