Poolside Bar at Night

If you are planning an outdoor event this summer, and are able to serve alcohol, then the bar you have on site is likely to be one of the social hubs for the occasion. Whether it is a sports event, a festival, something for charity, a wedding, an exhibition, or any other kind of event where you want to provide refreshments, making your bar pleasant for your guests is a sure fire way to make an amazing impression. Here are some of the things to consider when planning your event’s bar:


Before you even begin to think about the drinks that you will have served, what your bar will look like or how it will be staffed, you need to make sure it is the right size. You should have a good idea of how many people to expect to come to your event, but also consider how big of a factor refreshments are going to be. At a celebration like a wedding or an event like a festival that is geared mostly towards adults, alcoholic drinks are likely to be in greater demand than at a family garden party on a Sunday afternoon. Are most people going to be driving home from the event? If so, alcohol will be less in demand than if the event has camping or is in a place like central London that most people won’t drive to. Consider all of these factors and choose a bar that is big enough to allow fast, high quality service without all your bartenders getting on top of each other.

Drinks for Luxury Events

The drinks on the menu should match the tone of the event. If you are planning a stylish charity fundraiser or a luxurious wedding, you will want plenty of high end drink options, such as top shelf spirits, fashionable cocktails, and champagne. Visit liquidchefs.co.uk for mobile bar service that can accommodate even the fanciest of requirements.

Drinks for Low Key Events

If what you are organising is something more down to Earth like a music or sports event, you may choose to stick with branded beer and wine. If your event is of a more rustic nature, then it could be a good idea to feature things like real ales or ciders as an option too. Also decide how you want drinks served – you may have to use plastic for an outdoor event, however whether you want high end plastic martini glasses and champagne flutes, or just plastic pint glasses for beer and cups for wine depends very much on the mood of your event! You can also get a lot of branded beers and ciders in plastic bottles for these kinds of occasions and these can be a good option if you don’t want glasses at all.

The bar at your event can serve as a meeting place, and a kind of social centre for your event, so making it as welcoming and fast to get service at as possible, as well as ensuring the drinks and prices match the setting, will improve your event dramatically!