Fictional Music Bands

A typical band must go through many and many years of touring, disappointments, lineup changes or meetings. A fictional music band only needs a movie or sometimes even an episode of a show. Some are less successful, some are better than many real bands. However, regardless of the quality of music, there are some fictional bands we like. Here are ten of them.


1. Fictional Music Bands

Members: Robinson Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell), Skszp (Stephen Trask), Yitzhak (Miriam Shor), Jacek (Theodore Liscinski)

Originally a Broadway musical written by John Cameron Mitchell about an East German transsexual, Hedwig and the Angry Inch was adapted into a film in 2001.

Fictional Music Bands

2. Barry Jive & The Uptown Five

Known members: Barry (Jack Black)

High Fidelity is a kind of bible for any music nerd. And Barry, played by Jack Black, is the pinnacle. Initially called Sonic Death Monkey, they change their name when Barry takes on the role of leader and changes the sound of one band a bit questionable. And, to everyone’s surprise, managed to do a very successful Marvin Gaye cover.

Fictional Music Bands

3. Hep Alien

Members: Lane Kim (Keiko Agena), Rygalski Dave (Adam Brody), Zach Van Gerbig (Todd Lowe), Brian Fuller (John Cabrera)

For seven seasons, Gilmore Girls has bombarded us with references to pop culture and Hep Alien is the icing on the cake. Precursor of hipsters indie bands today, Hep Alien began their career with Jesus and Mary Chain, Monkeys and Blondie covers. And when the founder (Dave) left, the place at the guitar was taken by Sebastian Bach (yes, the singer of the band Skid Row).

Fictional Music Bands

4. Sex Bob-Omb

Members: Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), Kim Pine (Alison Pill), Stephen Stills (Mark Webber)

Beck did such a great job in writing songs for the band in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, that’s a shock to realize that in Brian Lee O’Mailey comics, Sex Bob-Omb are actually completely devoid of talent. A special mention for The Clash At Demonhead (music written by Metric) and Crash and The Boys (behind which were the Broken Social Scene).

Fictional Music Bands

5. The Wonders

Members: Jimmy Mattingly II (Johnathon Scheach), Lenny Haise (Steve Zahn), Shades Patterson (Tom Everett Scott), TB Player aka The Bass Player (Ethan Embry)

The Wonders of Tom Hanks’ movie, That Thing You Do, are a trivial band in the ‘50s. Their song, which takes its name after the title of the film, becomes a massive hit and the four guys get on the same stage with Jerry Lewis.

Fictional Music Bands

6. Spinal Tap

Members: David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean), Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), Viv Savage (David Kaff), Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer), Mick Shrimpton (Ric Parnell)

No top like this one would be complete without Spinal Tap. Called the loudest band in England, the stars of the documentary This Is Spinal Tap take the idea of a fictional band to an entire new level and their impact on pop culture is immense.

Fictional Music Bands

7. Creation, Mission Control

Members: Nick Andopolis (Jason Segel), Ken Miller (Seth Rogen), Daniel Desario (James Franco)

Freaks and Geeks was canceled too soon, but managed in time to make a solid fan base. Nick dreams of making a career in music and his model is Neil Peart, Rush drummer. So he starts an unnamed band (although Creation and Mission Control are possible name). But when Ken and Daniel refuses to repeat for the thousandth time Sunshine of Love from cream, Nick leaves the band.

Fictional Music Bands

8. Mystik Spiral

Members: Trent Lane (Alvaro J. Gonzalez), Jesse Moreno, Nick Campbell, Max Tyler

Made to fill the MTV Beavis and Butthead, Daria became a bastion of ’90s pop culture. And frankly, I must thank the creators who gave us Mystik Spiral, Trent Lane’s grunge band that was supposedly inspired by Trent Reznor.

Fictional Music Bands

9. Mouse Rat

Known members: Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)

Andy describes his band as a cross between Matchbox 20 and The Fray, and their songs are inspired by the stories of his life. As expected, if we look with little attention at Parks and Recreation, none of the songs is very successful.

Fictional Music Bands

10. The Weird Sister

Members: Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), Jason Buckle (All Seeing I), Steve Mackey (Pulp), Steve Claydon (Add N To X), Phil Selway (Radiohead)

In the universe of Harry Potter, Weird Sisters are stars the size of U2, Radiohead and Beiber together.. Although they only appear once in the film, at Yulle Ball, their performance was legendary.