daily fun activities that burn calories

You need don’t need half an hour on the treadmill at the gym. You burn just as many calories by dancing club, planting flowers or … going through the shelves looking for the hot fashion items in stores.

When after half an hour of running on the treadmill (at an average speed of 8.5 km / h) the machine tells you that you just burned 400 calories and of course, you think that’s not right. You deserve to have somewhat higher numbers. Do not get discouraged and abandon sports! There are lots of other activities that can burn calories rapidly, about 300 of them, without you even noticing it.

But first things first: how much is 300 calories? Well, three slices of toasted white bread, 3 glasses of red wine, half a Big Mac, 2 bags of chips, a bowl of spaghetti, a chocolate bar, a slice of pizza.

The most enjoyable way to burn calories? Obviously, shopping! An we’re not kidding: in an hour and a half of running around the shops looking for the perfect party dress on Saturday, you burn as many calories as if you would if you were pedaling half hour on the elliptical trainer. Not to say that our way is a lot more fun. Keep in mind that for shopping t burn calories, it must resemble hunting.

So, let’s have a look at some of the easiest ways to burn calories.

1. 40 minutes of gardening

Whether you are collecting fallen leaves, cutting roses or planting tulip bulbs, this relaxing activity will burn at least 300 calories. Not to mention the fact that in the end you will have a beautiful garden. However, gardening is something you do only when the weather is good.

2. 9 hours of texting

Yeah, we know there are people who actually spend nine hours per day sending SMS, posting on Facebook from their mobile phones and chatting with friends online (inevitably, we ask ourselves, when do these people work?). Anyway, in nine hours of pushing buttons on your mobile phone, you burn 300 calories. We leave you to decide whether it is worth.

3. A half an hour of bike riding

No need to beat records, simply go for a ride in the park or on the streets, feeling romantic and peaceful while pedaling. What would you say if this were your means of transport to work? You save money for taxis and gas while staying healthy.

4. 40 minutes of … sex

A hot match between the sheets has the same results as a cardio session. Note: the hotter the atmosphere, the more calories you burn. Fun, right?

5. 60 minutes in the club

Dancing, of course. It’s the perfect solution to get rid of those extra pounds while having fun with your friends at the same time. Plus, you can burn the calories contained in those three glasses of red wine that you drank. Score: 0 calories in addition in the end!

6. One hour of housework

No matter if you mopping, ironing, dusting or cleaning the kitchen, doing housework is bound to make you burn some extra calories. Plus it’s a win – win situation: you get a clean house and a flat stomach!

7. Two hours of watching horror movies

This activity will burn 300 calories and it is due to the stress and anxiety transmitted by the images you see on screen. The more you get frightened, the more calories you can burn.

8. 60 minute of dog walking

Do not limit your walking your pet to just 10 minutes in the morning. He needs more. In the evening, on beautiful days, walk him in the park, or actually even run with him. Both of you need the exercise.

9. Three hours in the kitchen

If you manage not to even taste each of the dishes you are preparing, yes, those hours spent in front of the stove will shrink your waistline. So, how can you burn more calories? Invite your friends to a dinner party on Saturday, prepare sandwiches for the kids. You’ll get the hang of it.

daily fun activities that burn calories

10. Two hours of passionate kisses

We’re starting to think that love kills fat, because it seems that two hours of passionate kissing will burn over 300 calories. Maybe not two uninterrupted hours, but how about 5-10 minutes sessions, divided throughout the day?