For those who think that only men are obsessed with gadgets and not women, we must say that this assumption is completely wrong. Women cannot be geeky or rendered by technology as men are, but they are very aware about their style statement and prefer to limit themselves to those gadgets that make their lives easy and comfortable, unlike men who would buy anything with an on / off button.

A lot of gadgets designed specifically for women are now available on the market, so if you are looking for a gadget to brag with (or for men who are looking for a gift with buttons and lights for that special woman) in the following lines you will find ten gadgets that make a good impression every time.

1. HP Mini 5102

HP Mini 5102 Netbook offers a 10.1- inch touchscreen display with multitouch support, 1GB RAM and Intel Atom N450 processor. The netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition or SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and of course in many colors.

2. Freescale Tablet

Looking for a cheap PC tablet in lots of colors? Freescale has everything you need. The tablet includes, besides the powerful i.MX515 chip based on ARM Cortex- A8 technology Wi -Fi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard. But the big surprise makes its appearance only when it is not used as a regular tablet. Freescale can be used as PhotoFrame, but not an ordinary one: a 3D PhotoFrame.

3. Oasis Flow Internet Radio

The new radio from Pure, Oasis Flow Internet radio, comes with a waterproof housing, plastic legs and a small body, portable, which makes it perfect for outdoor parties. This modern gadget offers through internet radio, podcast, sound and music anywhere you have a Wi -Fi, but with normal FM reception.

4. DailyCare DM- 800 Dreammate

If you have trouble sleeping, then this gadget form Dreammate can help you find your way to the land of sweet dreams. DailyCare DM- 800 uses the principles of acupuncture, which proved to be very effective against insomnia. Specifically, the device uses electro-acupuncture, the third generation of acupuncture. With 6000 rpm, the gadget stimulates three acupressure points related to sleep that will help you fall asleep faster. This bracelet must be worn on the left hand 3 minutes before bedtime.

5. Nokia 888

Nokia 888 is the mobile phone that must not be overlooked by any woman. The main feature of the Nokia 888 is the ability to change shape, so it can be developed into a bracelet, a clip or crumpled to fit in your pocket. And when used as a mobile phone, it has a fairly large display area.

The device is designed so that it can save the shapes and even change by itself. In order to be as flexible as it is, the battery is liquid and it has a touch screen, which eliminates the need for a keyboard.

6. E-book reader

If you like to read, there isn’t any reason for not buying a your e-book reader. Besides the obvious benefits, however, an e-book reader lets you connect to the Internet to save thousands of books, annotate and check your notes anytime you want. In addition, reading in different languages has never been easier. Most e-book readers come equipped with an explanatory dictionary, so all you have to do is take the cursor to the word and you’ll soon find out the meaning. There is still a real competitor for the Kindle, at least in quality “sheet” and prices start from just $ 1000.

7. Pedometer

A gadget for every woman who understands that health and well-being should always come first. The price of a pedometer can start from just $ 20, but it would be wise to invest a little more in one that can count jogging duration (in minutes and seconds), distance while running (in km), the energy consumed during the race (in kcal), average speed achieved during the race (in km / h). Also, a quality pedometer counts the number of steps performed both in “jogging” and during daily activities, calculates the energy and estimates the amount of fat burned during daily activities.

8. No more dark circles

Are you tired of waking up with unsightly bags and dark circles every time you have a busy schedule? Well, this device promises to deliver you a massage, heat and pressure are applied for 3 minutes daily in the eye are, getting rid of those signs of fatigue.

9. GPS

It’s no surprise that women are not very good with orientation. So, a GPS is a much welcomed gift. This type of gadget comes in a variety of shapes and prices, but you need to invest a little bit more for top quality.

10. DaysAgo

You opened a can of pate or any other similar product a few days ago and do not know if you have exceeded the time limit recommended on the package for its consumption? Now you must not bother with such things because DaysAgo is a gadget that counts the days elapsed from the moment you open the box. You’re always forgetting to water the plants and don’t remember how many days have passed since the last cat vaccine? DaysAgo can be attached to the flower pot or refrigerator, so you remember the time elapsed from a specific event, limited to 99 days.