Honeymoon Destinations in 2018

Are you getting married this year and still have not decided where you want to spend your honeymoon? Then it is good to know that trends in terms of holiday destinations have changed slightly from previous years. Many travel agencies offer trips to less popular destinations, but very tempting for a newly married couple. So, if you are looking for inspiration in order to decide your honeymoon destination, have a look at our proposals.

1. Vietnam and South Africa, unique destinations for honeymooners

Vietnam and South Africa will be two top destinations for honeymooners. Of course, these destinations are not only addressed to couple who are eager to romance, but also for couples who, besides romance, want to experience new thingsĀ  such as walking safaris, diving or surfing. These two destinations are a wonderful blend of adventure, incredible scenery and all the romance you can think of.

2. St Lucia, a classic destination for honeymooners

Newlyweds who prefer a classic destination for spending a honeymoon can opt for a holiday in St Lucia, in the Caribbean. According to a study by a leading travel agency in the UK, Kuoni, grooms want a honeymoon destination where they can enjoy a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, candlelight dinners, spa treatments, sunbathing and as many fun activities as possible. St Lucia is the destination that meets all these criteria and 2014 is the perfect moment for either an unforgettable honeymoon or a romantic vacation to rediscover yourself and your partner.

The Viceroy resort on the island of Saint Lucia, situated in the Caribbean archipelago between Martinique and Barbados, has amazing accommodation: 59 villas on the hills of Pitons mountains, which are placed as sentries on either side of the beach, in crescent form. These are part of UNESCO heritage. At the Viceroy resort, you can spend the whole days on the huge terrace of the villas equipped with pools or you can ask the butler to serve fresh fish on the beach, take a dip in the sea.

3. The French castles for a family honeymoon

Another trend in terms of fashionable destinations for honeymoon vacations is represented by vacation with family or friends. Not all newlyweds want to spend a honeymoon for two, so travel agencies have read their mind and are making available the opportunity to rent an entire castle or luxury villa for a honeymoon with close people.

4. Rio de Janeiro, for a hectic honeymoon

Grooms who want to have fun on their honeymoon may choose as honeymoon destination Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They say that the fun of the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches is unique in the world.

5. Hayman Island, Australia

The Great Reef Barrier is a paradise, thousands of exotic species living together here in one of the most beautiful places on earth. And luxury complex Hayman Island offers the possibility for unforgettable vacations. When it will be ready, in July 2014, this resort will compete easily with other similar properties, such as Palm Dubai.

6. Ashikaga Garden in Japan, a spectacle of beauty

Japan is a country known for its decorations and spectacular landscape. No wonder, therefore, that there is an unreal flower garden. Park Ashikaga is 80 km from Tokyo and the entire assembly is actually a huge garden 143 years old. The trees here have purple flowers cascading, flowing almost to the ground. A truly unforgettable experience, worth living at least on your honeymoon.

7. Hotel Conca del Marini, Italy

The establishment Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa in the Italian city Conca del Marini combines the past with the present. The hotel is actually a former convent converted into spa. The view on the Amalfi coast is simply spectacular. So, if you want to forget all about the troubles and problems you had to face when planning your wedding, Italy is the place to be. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

8. National Park Lake Clark, Alaska

This incredible place is located about 265 km south- west of Anchorage. It is a beautiful area, where there are many species of wild animals. The only means of access here is by plane, so each year about 10,000 tourists arrive to this destination. Perfectly secluded.

9. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

In the Kenyan complex Giraffe Manor, superb giraffes are so familiar with people that they do not hesitate to stick their head out the window and steal food from touristsā€™ plate. Here you can find Hotel Nairobi which since 1970 has become home to many specimens of the Rothschild giraffe species. The food here is the best in town.

10. Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Amenities include walking on the terraces above the water, surf lessons, snacks, seafood salad, and visits to Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary, where there can be seen more than 100 species. The spa resort is like a temple, awaiting with hot stone massages, as the glass floor offers a glimpse into the underwater world. One can say that Heaven is one step away.